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Briggs Teams up With Thelma Plum for New Single, ‘Go to War’

The new track is set to appear on Briggs’ newly-announced EP, Always Was, which will arrive later in the month.


Briggs has officially announced the release of his forthcoming EP, sharing the mesmerising single “Go to War” earlier today.

Back in May, Briggs returned with his latest single, “Extra Extra”. Described as the first taste of a forthcoming EP, the new release would serve as his first major body of solo work since 2014’s Sheplife album. Though details regarding the EP were scarce, the wait is finally over, with Briggs formally announcing that Always Was will arrive on August 21st.

To complement this news, Briggs has also released his latest single, “Go to War”, which features vocals from Thelma Plum, and production from Jayteehazard.

“After every avenue is exhausted and every word has been said, every bridge has been crossed or burnt, ‘Go to War’ is about ‘having it up to here’ and asking yourself, ‘is this where you want to be?’,” Briggs explains of the song.

“l wrote this in the booth, with producer Jayteehazard, over one day in the studio. I’d imagined Thelma being on the song when I was cooking it up, and we threw some ideas back and forth and knocked it out over another day. The song is about fearlessness. When you get pushed too far and you’re backed into a corner and there’s very little recourse.”

The song also comes alongside a video co-directed by Tristan Edouard and Selina Miles. Featuring an almost entirely Aboriginal cast including the Muggera Dancers, Thelma Plum, Barkaa, Nooky, Kobie Dee, and Scottie Marsh, the clip tells the story of the exhaustion behind how Indigenous Australians have to exist within two worlds.

“It talks to the idea of the ‘palatable black’ and the way Australia looks fondly at having dot paintings in their house, and ochre’d Aboriginal people dancing and practicing traditions but looks down their nose at Blackfullas in the street because they don’t fit their absurd notion of a ‘True Aboriginal’,” Briggs explains.

“You can’t reduce someone’s identity and connection to culture because they’re not wearing the suit you associate them with.”

Briggs is also set to accompany the forthcoming release of his new EP with a livestream performance on Thursday, August 20th as part of Inside Sets. Tickets to this performance are on sale now.

Briggs’ “Go to War” is out now, while his Always Was EP is set for release on August 21st through Island Records.