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Watch Brad Paisley’s Full-Band, Crowd-Less Livestream Concert

Singer and touring unit reunite – at safe distance – at Nashville rehearsal space for 75-minute Bud Light-sponsored gig

Brad Paisley and his touring band reunited on the same stage — at a safe distance — Friday night to perform a crowd-less livestream concert as part of Bud Light’s Seltzer Sessions.

Lady Antebellum similarly performed together, six feet apart, to open the two-hour livestream, with proceeds from the concert benefitting the American Red Cross.

For the show, Paisley replicated his normal concert production — albeit with no crowd — in a Nashville rehearsal space; Paisley’s planned U.S. tour was scheduled to begin Friday, May 15th in Concord, California, but the coronavirus pandemic forced its postponement.

Paisley’s 75-minute concert featured renditions of “Crushin’ It,””Last Time for Everything, “American Saturday Night,” “She’s Everything,” “Riverbank,” Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” a solo acoustic version of “Letter to Me” and more.

Throughout the performance, Paisley checked in on social media, answering fan questions and even taking a live video request from a New York City nurse who asked to hear Paisley’s new single “No I in Beer.” That performance was accompanied by videos of fans drinking beer on the large screen behind Paisley. After “No I in Beer,” the concert wrapped up with “Alcohol.”

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the last time Paisley and his band shared the stage together was in early March. “I’m anxious to get back with my band, it’s been a long nine weeks since the last time we played and I love that my friends from Bud Light have invited us to get back together for the Bud Light Seltzer Sessions – with proper social distancing, of course. It’s going to be a fun night of music and fan interaction,” Paisley previously said of the livestream gig in statement.