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‘Lost Dreams’: Boy & Bear Unveil EP of Rediscovered Songs

The new EP contains unearthed songs from the ‘Harlequin Dream’ recording period

Boy & Bear

Maclay Heriot

It’s 10 years to the day since Boy & Bear released their chart-topping second album, Harlequin Dream, but they just can’t get over it.

To celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary, the indie folk band have today announced Lost Dreams, a new EP containing unearthed songs from the Harlequin Dream recording period.

The first taste of the EP is new single “Abraham”, a sun-drenched anthem that was inspired by Fleetwood Mac and Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Band of Horses.

“I think it’s always interesting looking back and listening to old tunes,” lead vocalist David Hosking says about the vision behind Lost Dreams. “On one level, the band has come such a long way, but it’s also exciting to be able to reflect on the way we were approaching songwriting back then.

“I think we were definitely more traditional in that most songs had these big choruses and sing-along moments, and “Abraham” definitely sits in that world. Hopefully people can connect with that old approach.”

For the band’s Jon Hart, rediscovering “Abraham” threw him into a time warp. “I can remember where I was sitting in the studio when we recorded it and what life felt like back then,” he says. “W’ve always been classic over thinkers in the studio, but I think that “Abraham” sounds pretty free and just like we went in and played it without labouring over it too much.”

Lost Dreams will be Boy & Bear’s second release of 2023, following their self-titled fifth album, which reached number five on the ARIA Albums Chart in May. You can read Hosking’s in-depth breakdown of their self-titled album here.

You can also catch Boy & Bear on their Australian tour between September and November, which culminates in an appearance at Queenscliff Music Festival (tour information here).

Boy & Bear’s “Abraham” is out now. Lost Dreams is out Friday, September 15th.