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Billie Eilish, Finneas Recreate NPR’s Tiny Desk for At-Home Performance

Siblings built a replica of iconic NPR office space in their house

For five and a half months, NPR has been running their signature Tiny Desk Concert series remotely, with artists performing in front of cameras inside their homes instead of behind the nominal Tiny Desk.

On the latest edition of the series, Billie Eilish and her brother, Finneas, appeared to have returned to the NPR offices, but it turns out that they just built a really, really convincing recreation of the Tiny Desk set-up with cardboard cutouts. A+ for set design.

“I’m honored to be here, we have both been watching [Tiny Desk] for years,” Eilish said. “Quarantine’s been weird — I know you all feel the same, it’s been weird, we don’t know how long it’s gonna go. There’s barely anything that feels like there’s any hope in. But I think the future is something to be super hopeful in, and the unknown, and what is to come. We’ll be OK one day — maybe not right now, but that’s what’s making me hold on.”

With just a keyboard and their voices, the siblings performed Eilish’s latest single “My Future” and “Everything I Wanted” for their virtual audience. At the end of the performance, the camera pulled back to reveal the full plywood stage set up inside of their home.

From Rolling Stone US