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Let Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna Wish Your Mum a Happy Mother’s Day

Kathleen Hanna has joined Cameo to raise money for Peace Sisters

Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna is now on Cameo.

Kathleen Hanna has joined Cameo — the service that lets fans pay celebs for a custom message — just in time for Mother’s Day. “Hi! I just joined this platform called Cameo where you can get me to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ or send a message to a friend or do a Mother’s Day thing,” she said in her announcement video Tuesday.

“The whole reason I’m doing it is to give money to my favorite nonprofit, Peace Sisters,” she added. “Each time you pay me to make you a little video, a girl will go to school in Togo, West Africa. So I don’t know! I’m going to give this a try.” Her videos are a steal for $40 a pop.

Hanna’s band Bikini Kill was set to reunite once more for a tour this spring, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the dates have been postponed until November. Hanna previously spoke with Rolling Stone about the pioneering Riot Grrrl band’s reunification, as well playing music in the age of President Trump. “Since Trump was elected, there’ve been all these times when the news is on and I’m singing a Bikini Kill song in my head,” Hanna said. “It’s like I need to hear these songs.”

Meanwhile, on Cameo, more and more stars have joined during the COVID-19 era, from Tiger King cast members to Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris (Hank), who is donating all proceeds to the Children’s Performing Arts Foundation.