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Ball Park Music Share Slow-Burning New Single, ‘Cherub’

The track is the third single lifted from the forthcoming self-titled album by indie icons Ball Park Music.

Ball Park Music will release their self-titled album this October.


Ball Park Music have given fans the latest taster of their new record, sharing the third single from the album, “Cherub”, earlier today.

Following on from the release of “Spark Up!” and “Day & Night” in recent months, “Cherub” offers another insight into the band’s forthcoming album, with acoustic guitars and layered vocals leading this tender slice of indie rock before ot descends into a fuzzy cacophony of euphoria.

Written, record, and produced entirely by the band, the song also comes alongside a video directed by guitarist Dean Hanson which features uplifting footage of butterflies in their natural habitat, reflecting the sunny disposition and feeling of freedom that the track seems to evoke within its listeners.

“I think it’s safe to say, that when the nation first went into lockdown in March this year we all examined our living quarters more closely than ever before,” the group wrote on Instagram. “Amidst the chaos and suffering of the world, Dean found the opportunity to focus on the little things, and noticed that his garden was absolutely rife with butterflies.

“After a little research, we discovered that ideal weather conditions in QLD had produced an explosive butterfly migration. With fuck all to do, Dean spent his days in the yard with his camera, chasing butterflies and channeling his inner Attenborough. When he shared his efforts with the band we were blown away by the simple beauty of what we saw and knew instantly that it should accompany one of our songs.”


Ball Park Music are currently to release their self-titled record on October 23rd, with the band offering up a deeper insight into the creative process of the album in an Instagram post just last month.

“I wouldn’t describe the making of this album as easy,” the post began. “Don’t get me wrong. There’s no trouble in paradise. In fact, I would say that the bond between the five of us in the band is actually at its best. Our friendship feels strong and wise. It was other stuff. Boring stuff. Stuff that made our already intense album-making process even more gruelling.”

As it continued, the post made it clear that the impending release of the record is set to be a day of vindication in the world of Ball Park Music, with the group finally sharing the sum of what has been a gruelling process.

“None of our records have been glamorous to make; we’ve always wound up in some hot shed making indie rock on the cheap like a bunch of masochists,” the post concludes. “But this record, well, it was the most hardcore. It knocked us around the most. It was the most us. I mean, look what we did… We called it Ball Park Music. We named it after our own fucking band.

“But hey, you only cry when you really feel something. And we absolutely felt this record.”

Ball Park Music’s “Cherub” is out now, while the band will release their self-titled album on October 23rd, with pre-orders available now.