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Baker Boy Announces Long-Awaited Debut Album, ‘Gela’

“It feels like it has been a really long time in the making,” explains Baker Boy. “But I’m glad I took my time because it is a much better body of work for it!”


More than four years on since he first appeared on our collective radars, Baker Boy is taking the next big step in his career with the announcement of his long-awaited debut album, Gela.

Set to arrive on October 15th, Gela – his skin name, and one of the truest markers of his identity – will see Danzal Baker delivering a 14-track collection of the music that encapsulates and showcases who he is in the most purest form. “Gela is who I am,” Baker Boy explains, “and it’s my story.”

Described as a “blistering, joyful record”, Gela arrives four-and-a-half years since Baker Boy first stormed the scene, turning heads thanks to debut single “Cloud 9”. Since then, he’s released a barrage of critically-acclaimed singles, won countless awards, and has even been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia, cementing his place as one of the most vital artists of the modern age.

The record’s front cover – featuring striking artwork by iconic street artist Adnate – perfectly encapsulates the concept behind the record, which sees Baker Boy coming to terms with the sudden fame he’s experienced in the past few years, while still maintaining close ties to his family and community in Arnhem Land.

“I want people to see what my life is like, and where I come from,” Baker Boy says. “The journey from a remote community to living in the city and trying to adapt, and have that balance, is a lot of hard work, [but] it’s an amazing journey.”

Artwork by Adnate

In addition to the album’s announcement, Baker Boy has also unveiled new single “My Mind”, a collaboration with G Flip which was teased earlier this week.

“Working with G Flip was a real privilege, we’ve known each other for a while through touring, but it was mad to see them in their element in the studio,” Baker Boy explains. “G is a real talent, not only their voice, but their song writing is like no other!

“‘My Mind’ is a fun tribute to the incredible women in both of our lives, we’re both really lucky to have incredible support networks so really it&’s a song for those people too!”

“I’ve always been a big fan of Danzal,” adds G Flip. “We met on the festival circuit over the years and our time slots were always back to back, so we’ve had a lot of hang time and a lot of beer time together!!

“I’ve even jumped up and played drums on a track with him before so a song collab was always on the cards. We met up at the studio sometime in 2019 and ‘My Mind’ was written in a day, it’s a song about appreciating the beautiful women in our lives.”

“My Mind” will sit alongside the litany of other tracks on the record, including previously-released singles “Cool As Hell”, “Move”, and “Meditjin”, and a collection of new tracks which see him working alongside the likes of Jerome Farah, Thando, Yirrmal, Lara Andallo, and Uncle Jack Charles.

“It feels like it has been a really long time in the making, but I’m glad I took my time because it is a much better body of work for it!” explains Baker Boy.

“‘My Mind’ featuring G Flip, is a sign of the fun, party vibes that people expect from Baker Boy, but there are definitely some surprises on the album that I am most excited about people hearing!”

Baker Boy’s “My Mind” (featuring G Flip) is out now, while Gela will be released on October 15th, with pre-orders available now.

Baker Boy Gela tracklist

1. Announcing The Journey (performed by Glen Gurruwiwi)
2. Survive (feat. Uncle Jack Charles)
3. My Mind (feat. G Flip)
4. Ride (feat. Yirrmal)
5. Butterflies
6. Cool As Hell
7. Move
8. Headphones (feat. Lara Andallo)
9. Somewhere Deep (feat. Yirrmal)
10. Funk Wit Us
11. Stupid Dumb
12. Meditjin (feat. JessB)
13. Ain’t Nobody Like You (feat. Jerome Farah)
14. Make You Wanna Dance (feat. Thando)