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Bagful of Beez Unveil New Single, ‘Balene Bonanza’

Featuring members of iconic acts The Meanies and Even, Bagful of Beez have given an exclusive listen of the latest track from their debut album.


Nascent duo Bagful of Beez might only be a couple of singles into their career, but already they’re shaping up to be one of the year’s most exciting discoveries, sharing new single “Balene Bonanza” ahead of its release this week.

Emerging as the solo project of Link McLennan (best known for his work with The Meanies, Tomorrow People, The Bakelite Age, and Sun God Replica), Bagful of Beez was soon expanded, with the drum machine eschewed in favour of renowned Even drummer Matt Cotter.

Launching their debut single “Syco” last month, fans were once again exposed to the trademark level of Link Meanie musical esotericism, with synth-heavy psychedelia turning the “less whiny, more objectively, self-analytical and humorous version of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead” into an immediate favourite amongst the group’s burgeoning fanbase.

Now, Bagful of Beez have unveiled their latest effort, with “Balene Bonanza” arriving ahead of its official release this week.

The opening track on Bagful of Beez’s forthcoming record, “Balene Bonanza” was – like the rest of the album – self-recorded by McLennan, with the ’60s-style pop sensibilities of the track being paired with a blistering synth line and McLennan’s iconic vocals.

Describing the track as being one of acceptance rather than nihilism, and “moving on in the face of insanity”, the single also comes accompanied by a video which follows the day of a bird-headed man as he goes about his day, before meeting up with similarly-zoological friends at a casual get together.

Both recent single “Syco” and “Balene Bonanza” will feature on Do Androids Dream of Electric Beatles, the debut album from Bagful Of Beez which arrives next month.

“I have a strange feeling that the creation of my debut Bagful of Beez album was like feeding all the music of my past bands to an Asian palm civet (a weird cat/raccoon type creature), but instead of it shitting out an expensive coffee, it defecated a bunch of songs that are unique, exciting and cohesive,” McLennan explains of the record.

“I’ve never felt so confident about a collection of my songs being so fully realised, and it leaves me with a powerful desire to keep creating and evolving within the wide parameters of Bagful of Beez. With the recent addition of Matthew Cotter (Even) on drums, it all feels perfectly satisfying.”

Bagful of Beez’s “Balene Bonanza” is released on September 16th, while debut album Do Androids Dream of Electric Beatles will be released on October 22nd via Cheersquad Records & Tapes, with pre-orders available now.