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Ayesha Madon Captures the Chaos of Falling for a Friend on ‘Blame Me’

The ‘Heartbreak High’ star makes creating sleek alt-pop seem easy once again

Ayesha Madon

Yasmin Suteja

You may know her as Amerie on the Netflix comedy drama series Heartbreak High, but Ayesha Madon’s latest musical offering, “Blame Me”, is a synth-driven reminder that you can’t choose who you fall for.

“‘Blame Me’ is a song about the inconvenience of catching feelings for a friend and the messiness, guilt and inner turmoil that comes from that,” Madon shares. “It’s always seemed a little unfair that we don’t always get to choose who we feel things for, especially if we really, really don’t intend to.

“I wrote this song a couple of months back while I was in the studio with my amazing friend Gab (AKA Japanese Wallpaper). I usually struggle to open up in sessions so most often write solo but Gab just has this beautifully calm and accepting energy and we wrote the bones of the song in just a couple hours.”

After receiving massive praise for her first single “Eulogy”, Madon has doubled down on her authenticity in storytelling and songwriting, where she aims to push past the character that has made her a household name in one of the top five Netflix shows globally.

In May, Netflix confirmed Madon’s series Heartbreak High had been renewed for a third and final season.

Madon told The Daily Telegraph that it was the perfect time to wrap up the show, revealing her plans to pursue her creative career in London when filming ends.

“I’m going to write songs with other creatives and build more of a music community over there, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time,” she revealed. “My focus at the moment has been more music, but who’s to say what the future holds?”

Madon was also announced last month as one of the musical artists showcasing at this year’s SXSW Sydney, alongside the likes of Nick Ward, Total Tommy, J-MILLA & Yung Milla, UK-based Australian duo HighSchool, SAHX and Joel Sunny.

Ayesha Madon’s “Blame Me” is out now.