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The Avett Brothers Address Divided U.S. in New Video for ‘We Americans’

Band also announces new album ‘The Third Gleam’

The Avett Brothers have released a new animated video for their song “We Americans.” Illustrated by the artist Jason Mitcham, the clip looks at the divided United States through a series of moving paintings and gives new life to the 2019 track, originally released on the album Closer Than Together.

The band have also announced the third edition of their Gleam recordings. The Third Gleam finds siblings Scott and Seth Avett and bass player Bob Crawford performing as a trio, a musical return to the group’s early days. Due August 28th on Loma Vista Recordings, The Third Gleam arrives with a lengthy video statement from the brothers.

“We touch on historical prejudice, faith, economic disparity, gun violence, incarceration, redemption, and as is increasingly standard with our records, stark mortality,” says Seth Avett. “This is by no means a record defined by any specific social or cultural goal, nor is it informed by a singular challenge posed to humanity. It is merely the sound of my brother and I in a room, singing about what is on our minds and in our hearts at the time…sharing it now is about what sharing art is always about: another chance that we may partake in connecting with our brothers and sisters of this world, and hopefully joining you in noticing a speck of light gleaming in what appears to be a relatively long and dark night.”

Here’s the track list for The Third Gleam:
1. “Victory”
2. “I Should’ve Spent the Day With My Family”
3. “Prison to Heaven”
4. “Back into the Light”
5. “Women Like You”
6. “Untitled #4”
7. I” Go to My Heart”
8. “The Fire”