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Ava Max Interpolates ATC in New Song ‘My Head and My Heart’

Singer released new album Heaven and Hell in September

Ava Max has released a new single, “My Head and My Heart,” and if you’re thinking that you’ve heard the melody before, you’re probably right: The song heavily interpolates the Eurodance hit “Around the World (La La La La La),” popularized by ATC in 1999.

Over the sing-song hook featured in “Around the World,” Ava Max calls upon an old flame to repair her broken heart: “My head and my heart, I’m tortured really, yeah/That’s my mind in your arms, I go to extremes, yeah/When angels tell me run and monsters call it love, oh no/My head and my heart, I’m torn in between.”

“I’ve been working on ‘My Head and My Heart’ in the studio this fall and waiting for the right moment to share it,” Ava Max said in a statement. “I am so excited that it is out today, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it!”

Following her breakthrough success with the single “Sweet But Psycho” in 2018, Ava Max announced her debut album Heaven and Hell earlier this year with the song “Kings and Queens.” The album was released in September, and “My Head and My Heart” has been added to it as an additional bonus track. She also released a handful of singles in 2019, including “So Am I,” “Freaking Me Out,” “Blood, Sweat and Tears,” and “Torn.”

From Rolling Stone US