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Arca ‘Queers the Void’ With New Album ‘Kick iiii’

Record drops Dec. 3, the same day as KICK ii and KicK iii

Unax LaFuente*

Arca has announced that kick iiii, her fourth and final album in the KICK series, will drop on Dec. 3 via XL Recordings, the same day as the previously announced albums KICK ii and KicK iii.

Arca shared “Queer,” a song from kick iiii that features Planningtorock; the other collaborators on the album include Oliver Coates, No Bra, and Shirley Manson.

Planningtorock called their collaboration a “gorgeous epic universe of a track, a queer dream come true.” It’ll be the fourth cut on the project, which Arca describes as “an entry of sensual charge in the cycle; my own faith made into song, a posthuman celestial sparkle, psychosexual pulse-width modulation, queering the void,” and it’ll see her close the KICK series with a new style of xenopop. 

The other two albums will have a slightly different approach: KICK ii is a deconstruction and reinterpretation of reggaeton, while KicK iii focuses more on heavy club music. Over the last two months, Arca released “Born Yesterday” with Sia and “Prada/Rakata,” two tracks from KICK ii. She’s also shared “Electra Rex” and “Incendio” from KicK iii. The three albums follow KiCk i, Arca’s album from 2020, which is nominated as Best Alternative Music Album at this year’s Latin Grammy Awards.

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Arca kick iiii Tracklist

  1. Whoresong
  2. Esuna ft. Oliver Coates
  3. Xenomorphgirl
  4. Queer ft. Planningtorock
  5. Witch ft. No Bra
  6. Hija
  7. Boquifloja
  8. Alien Inside ft. Shirley Manson
  9. Altar
  10. Lost Woman Found
  11. Paw

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