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Arca Announces New Album ‘Kick I,’ Shares Demonic Video for ‘Time’

Venezuelan artist’s latest LP will feature collaborations with Björk, Rosalía, Sophie, Shygirl

Electronic artist Arca has announced her new album Kick I, to be released digitally on June 26th and vinyl/CD on July 17th via XL Recordings. The LP will feature collaborations with Björk, Rosalía, Sophie and Shygirl.

Arca shared the first single from Kick I, “Time,” on Wednesday, accompanied by a music video taken from her September 2019 Mutant;Faith performance cycle at New York’s Hudson Yards venue the Shed. The visual, directed by Manson, shows Arca on a date with a demonic figure in a pink suit. They ride around the city in a limousine and get into the sorts of surreal nightlife mischief that’s expected from a date with Satan.

In a press release, Arca explained that Kick I is a celebration of the journey she took to reconcile different facets of her life, including her Venezuelan heritage and her trans-Latinx identity. It will feature elements of pop music, experimental music and reggaeton. “I don’t want to be tied to one genre,” Arca said. “I don’t want to be labeled as one thing.”

In February, Arca released a 62-minute track known only as “@@@@@.” She also announced international tour dates that were scheduled for this spring but were later canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arca, KiCk i Tracklist
1. Nonbinary
2. Time
3. Mequetrefe
4. Riquiqui
5. Calor
6. Afterwards (ft. Björk)
7. Watch (ft. Shygirl)
8. KLK (ft. Rosalía)
9. Rip The Slit
10. La Chíqui (ft. Sophie)
11. Machote
12. No Queda Nada