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Angus & Julia Stone Search for Solace on ‘No Boat No Aeroplane’

It’s the latest taste of Angus & Julia Stone’s forthcoming sixth studio album, ‘Cape Forestier’

Angus & Julia Stone


Angus & Julia Stone are searching for solace on their new single, “No Boat No Aeroplane”.

The acclaimed indie folk duo pour their hearts out in the tender track, singing, “I’m in the middle of the ocean / With no boat, no aeroplane.” Both are seeking solace and comfort because, as they then cry, “right now I’m broken.”

“Can you make me a heart / So I can love someday,” the pair yearn. “And I’m not feeling so brave.”

“No Boat No Aeroplane” is the latest taste of Angus & Julia Stone’s forthcoming sixth studio album, Cape Forestier, which releases later this month. According to a press release, the album “plays like a storybook from the hearts and minds of Angus & Julia Stone, with each song revealing itself as a different page.”

“No Boat No Aeroplane” follows previous album singles “The Wedding Song”, “Losing You”, and the title track. “The Wedding Song”, was originally penned for a friend’s wedding years ago, and the duo chose it as the lead single  from Cape Forestier “because it’s all about love.”

“Since then, we’ve been honoured to play it at several friends’ and family’s weddings, including our mum’s, and we received so many requests from fans for a proper recording to use on their special day, so we decided to make that happen,” the duo say of “The Wedding Song”.

“The song is a celebration of love and human connection. In a world that can feel disconnected and frightening, we want to share something that reflects the beauty of how humans choose to treat each other, love each other, and make promises to build something beautiful together,” they add.

Cape Forestier is the long-anticipated follow-up to Angus & Julia Stone’s last studio album, Snow, which was certified Gold in 2017. The band released a compilation album, Life Is Strange, in 2021, while Angus also released an album, Kimosabè, under his DOPE LEMON moniker last year.

Following the release of their new album in May, Angus & Julia Stone will embark on a ‘Living Room Sessions’ tour. Tickets are available now via the band’s official website.

In March, the group put on a special performance at the 2024 Shure Rolling Stone Australia Awards alongside Crowded House.

Angus & Julia Stone’s “No Boat No Aeroplane” is out now. Cape Forestier is out May 10th via Sony Music Australia (pre-save/pre-order here).