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Amy Shark Announces Travis Barker Collaboration for Forthcoming Single

After working with Mark Hoppus, and discussing a collaboration with Tom DeLonge, Amy Shark continues to prove her fondness for Blink-182.

Amy Shark performs live for KIIS' Living Room Concert Series

Amy Shark will unleash her new single next week, featuring the talents of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.


Just four months after she returned with “Everybody Rise”, Amy Shark has once again announced the release of a new single, this time featuring the talents of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

The news was revealed on social media earlier this morning, with Shark noting that the track – titled “C’MON” – is set for release on October 23rd. “This song is the greatest thing in my life right now,” she explained. “I cannot wait for you to hear this song. C’MON !!!!!!!!!!!!”

Notably, this is the second track that Shark has worked on with a member of the Californian pop-punk outfit, having teamed up with bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus for “Psycho” from her debut album, Love Monster. However, Shark had even discussed the possibility of working with the group’s former guitarist, Tom DeLonge, with the pair having both expressed their fondness for each other.

In a post shared on Facebook in 2017, DeLonge recalled how he had met Shark and her husband, and urged his follows to listen to her work.

“I had the pleasure meeting Amy Shark and her husband Shane,” DeLonge explained. “Two great people that supported me throughout all of my musical adventures. Now, after a decade of (largely unnoticed) work, she has exploded and #1 in Australia. A synth-pop blend of Indie-Rock and Emotion, I could not be happier for her and her husband, who is her number one fan!”

Later in the year, Shark explained that they had both shared emails about the possibility of working together, though nothing has arrived at the current time.

Amy Shark’s debut album, Love Monster, was released in July of 2018, and peaked at #1 on the ARIA charts. Her first single since the release of her album, “Everybody Rise”, was issued back in June.

Amy Shark is set to release “C’MON” on October 23rd, with pre-saves available now.