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Amy Shark Announces Third Album ‘Sunday Sadness’

Shark has also released a new single from the album, titled ‘Loving Me Lover’

Amy Shark


Amy Shark has announced her new album, Sunday Sadness.

The ARIA Award-winner’s third studio album will arrive on August 16th, following the release of 2021’s Cry Forever and 2018’s Love Monster, both of which topped the ARIA Albums Chart.

Why that album title? “I specifically wrote this album on Sundays, constantly daydreaming about the happiest moments and the worst, remembering the best people while still getting over others. I am different on Sundays, I am not sure why, but I bet you are too,” Shark explains.

“I think about my life so much on Sundays, my family, my friends and probably you. I’m still learning people, I’m still trying to be a better person, ‘Sunday Sadness’ has every emotion I feel, you’ll smile in some songs and feel the love – but you’ll also be sad and probably not sleep well this Sunday night.”

Shark’s forthcoming album contains recent singles “Can I Shower At Yours” (nominated for Best Single at the 2024 Shure Rolling Stone Australia Awards) and “Beautiful Eyes”, alongside the newly released “Loving Me Lover” (listen below).

“‘Loving Me Lover’ is a dreamy love song, based around happy guilt. I was in LA by myself working on music, there were things happening back home, people missing me being around and I remember feeling guilty enjoying this completely different life. Hence the line fighting forever so stop loving me lover,” she says of the latter.

“Beautiful Eyes”, meanwhile, was described by the singer-songwriter as her “favourite song she’s ever written.”

Shark penned the track while on the road in 2022 for her mammoth 42-date regional tour. “I had a lot of time alone to think about the past and the future and my life and all the people in it,” the singer-songwriter recalls.

Amy Shark’s Sunday Sadness is out August 16th (pre-save/pre-order here). 

Sunday Sadness Tracklist:

  1. “Slide Down the Wall”
  2. “It’s Nice to Feel This Way Again”
  3. “Beautiful Eyes”
  4. “Gone”
  5. “Can I Shower At Yours”
  6. “Loving Me Lover”
  7. “Two Friends”
  8. “Babe”
  9. “I’m Sorry”
  10. “My Only Friend”
  11. “Our Time Together”