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Listen: A.B. Original Say “YES” Ahead of Indigenous Voice Referendum

“The alternative to voting Yes just reinforces racism, and puts us in a worse position than where we are now,” says Briggs

A.B. Original


A.B. Original have released a powerful single ahead of the impending Indigenous Voice referendum.

Appropriately titled “YES”, the track features DJ Total Eclipse & Marlon joining the A.B. Original duo of Briggs and trials.

The pair call out disinformation and the muddying of facts by opponent interest groups on the track, while the complacencies of some sections of the Australian public are also called into question, A.B. Original noting that apathy can be as “bad as some enemies.”

At the heart of “YES”, though, is a sincere and heartfelt invitation to reach a better future for the country alongside First Nations people.

“It’s important that we continue to work towards better outcomes for Blackfullas,” Briggs says. “With this referendum we stand to make a gain towards those better outcomes.

“We won’t see the big effects of a Yes vote the next day, but we’re going to see it in five years down the track. The alternative to voting Yes just reinforces racism, and puts us in a worse position than where we are now. It feels like the alternate to Yes is extremely detrimental.”

trials says: “A track like “YES” is important at this stage of the referendum timeline because an understandable distrust of the government and the millions of dollars slush-funded into outrage algorithms has led to a large part of Australia that you can usually count on in progressive matters still being apathetic to this issue.

“80% of Indigenous people are on record supporting it. Australia still saying No is the very definition of why our voice must be heard.”

And as Briggs notes, releasing a single like this is what A.B. Original should be doing as hip hop artists. “If we didn’t do this, there’s a big piece missing. Hip hop is all about voice, and all about community rallying together. This is what hip hop is for. This is exactly what we’re meant to be doing.”

On Friday, October 6th, A.B. Original will appear at Now & Forever 2023, a special concert featuring artists standing in solidarity with community and amplifying the Yes campaign. A.B. Original will headline alongside Baker Boy, Barkaa, Emma Donovan, and Mo’Ju at the Shepparton event.

More information about the Indigenous Voice referendum can be found here.

A.B. Original’s “YES” (ft. DJ Total Eclipse & Marlon) is out today.