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Young Franco Teams With McCafé For the Ultimate Summer Festival Guide

To celebrate the current summer festival season, McCafé have teamed up with Rolling Stone Australia to craft the ultimate summer festival guide, powered by their McCafé Iced Coffee range.

As we kick off the new year, it’s clear that we’re well and truly into the summer months. The longer days, the warm evenings, and the lazy weekends spent with friends in the sun, sand, and surf all combine to help craft some of the most beloved and unique memories that will last forever.

If there’s one thing that every music-lover associates with the warmer months, it’s the annual summer festival season. It’s the time when music festivals are in abundance, live music is on tap, and shows are absolutely everywhere you look. Needless to say, it’s a veritable embarrassment of riches when it comes to being a lover of live music.

To celebrate the current summer festival season, McCafé have teamed up with Rolling Stone Australia to craft the ultimate summer festival guide, powered by their McCafé Iced Coffee range, which – like the music festivals that accompany summer – are crafted for those who live life to the fullest.

Though McCafé might not always be the first thought that lovers of the brew have when they think of their beloved coffee, the ubiquitous chain has become one to rival even the most talented and respected of baristas when it comes to the enduring cuppa.

Having first launched 30 years ago, McCafé have since managed to craft a foothold as one of the most consistent and respected when it comes to good coffee, and as they’ve expanded their range over the years, they’ve more than deserved to be considered the first word when it comes to the drink. Though it might be hard to convince some of the rusted-on coffee connoisseurs, there’s even a growing consensus that McCafé coffee is even better than many of the local independent cafés.

For proof of this, one need only to take a look at Young Franco, who pairs his appearance as part of McCafé summer festival guide with a stop at the drive through to pick up a McCafé Iced Coffee.

Young Franco, the Brisbane-based DJ and producer, has been on the scene for close to a decade now, carving out a solid run of singles alongside countless shows and numerous festival appearances.

As we find him stopping by McCafé, he’s just wrapped up an appearance on the Spilt Milk festival lineup, and he’s gearing up for the upcoming season. A veteran attendee of festivals as both a performer and audience member, the question for Young Franco is, well, what do you bring to ensure you’re well prepared for anything?

“Maybe an outfit, shorts, my partner,” he begins, before taking the more industry-focused approach. “Maybe my tour manager and lighting person, and we’ll maybe do a stop off on the way.

“I am always the fan of someone with a very distinct outfit in your group so that you can go, ‘Oh cool, well, I’ll just look out for this person because they got the crazy outfit,” he adds. “Or they’ve got the big hat and you can kind of just like… or even a tall person – just bringing along your tall friend.”

With Young Franco currently on one of the biggest summer festival tours out of any Australian artist, he’s set to make appearances on the likes of Falls Festival, Lost Paradise, and Sydney’s Elevate. But what’s he looking forward to when it comes to the next 12 months?

“I’m very excited for the summer festivals, I’m really looking forward to that,” he explains. “I’m looking forward to going to new places, experiencing new things, meeting a lot of new people, and just putting out more music.”

Arguably one of the hardest-working musicians on the local scene today, Young Franco is well aware of what it takes to get things done with the trusty brew on his side. Now, as we’ve seen, with the summer months well underway, festival season in full swing, and a need for an energy boost with a refreshing twist, Young Franco is surely set to be picking up the handy McCafé Iced Coffee to ensure he gets it all done, coffee in hand.

Whether you’re on your way to musical stardom, heading to a summer festival, or simply in need of the morning coffee to get you through the day, be sure to head along to McCafé to grab their refreshing McCafé Iced Coffee.

McDonald’s McCafé range, including their McCafé Iced Coffee, is available now from all McDonalds outlets, including via the drive through and in the My Macca’s App.