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Yeat’s ‘Rackz Got Më’ is a Mosh-Pit Anthem — and Another Sign He’s Headed for the Big Time

With the Portland MC sitting firmly in the pocket — and guest Gunna doing the same — the standout track is a Song You Need to Know

After a steady barrage of albums, mixtapes and EPs in the past three years, Yeat is making the leap from the underground to the mainstream. The 22-year-old Portland, Oregon MC has been leading the way toward a new era in Soundcloud-rap, thanks especially to his 2021 breakout project 4L and viral TikTok hit “Sorry Bout That.” Like 4L, Yeat’s new album 2 Alivë is 20 tracks of experimental trap at its finest. His mix of auto-tune, pitch, and clever cadences over Playboi Carti-type beats is natural and effortless, evolving with each project like his biggest influence, Young Thug.

2 Alivë standout “Rackz Got Më” is a mosh-pit anthem, wasting no time before the 808’s and Yeat’s signature bells kick in to create a hypnotizing bounce. Produced by Takado and Yeat’s most frequent collaborator, Trgc, “Rackz Got Më” features a guest verse from Gunna, who, like Yeat himself, sits right in the pocket of the beat. “Racks don’t stab my back, uh, percs don’t stab my back, yeah/everybody stabbed my back, uh,” Yeat raps on the chorus in a melodic slur, complimenting the eerie chords. Gunna and Yeat croon braggadocious verses but call it a day at the two minute and 40 seconds mark, letting the beat ride out for the rest of the track — and increasing the replay value instead of forcing a bridge or another verse.

Up 2 Më marked Yeat’s first Billboard 200 chart appearance back in January, while 2 Alivë debuted at Number Six±, his highest to date. Safe to say he will continue to return to the charts with no signs of slowing down soon.

From Rolling Stone US