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What Is on the Rolling Stone Office Playlist?

The right music to get you through the working day is a must for every office

Troye Sivan wins at 2023 ARIA Awards

It’s changed days for the workplace. After a globally unprecedented pandemic led millions of us to our living rooms, kitchen tables, and even our bedrooms to work from home, the traditional idea of office culture feels like a distant memory.

When some of us did eventually return to the office after experiencing the relative calm of WHF life, workplace stress was found to have majorly increased in workers. The traditional idea of the workplace, post-pandemic, it seems, can feel claustrophobic, contained, and unsuitable to our daily needs.

But that’s where WeWork comes in, offering a happy middle ground between home and office.

WeWork offers flexible workspaces, an office space for the modern worker, with individuals and companies from all walks of life coming together to embrace a more positive working environment.

“For all the ways you work, we’re here,” is WeWork’s simple tagline, which gets at the crux of their mission: for the individual worker and mammoth company alike, a dynamic and flexible approach to the office is much more appreciated than battling the constraints of traditional workspaces.

With WeWork, there is no long-term commitment, only increased flexibility and accessibility. Workers can choose from numerous locations around the four major Australian cities, whether it’s a private office, a dedicated desk, or a full floor suite.

WeWork’s locations provide the chance to be sociable when you want, on your own terms, rather than making you feel forced to make small talk with the same people every dreary day (we’ve all been there).

So, what will you play? For inspiration, here’s the Rolling Stone office’s current playlist, featuring some fine Australian and New Zealand artists.

For more information about WeWork and the spaces they offer, check out their website.

Rolling Stone AU/NZ’s Office Playlist

Troye Sivan – “Rush”

No, we don’t just listen to Troye Sivan because he’s our latest cover star. But it helps. “Rush”, the intoxicating entry into the pop superstar’s new era of fun, is the ideal serotonin-booster when you’re battling an afternoon lull at work. Make sure to blast the track on a Friday for added pleasure. And if your boss is out of sight, why not put on Sivan’s accompanying music video, and see what all the fuss is about?

Taylor Swift – Absolutely anything

With Swift’s popularity rising to messianic levels in the last couple of years, it’s a statistical certainty that every office has at least one Swiftie in its midst, and it’s no different at Rolling Stone AU/NZ HQ. Whether it’s an OG track or a Taylor’s Version cut, a pleasant play of Swift’s songwriting talent never goes amiss on a quiet morning. Now if only she’d announce an Auckland show to go with her Australian tour

The Rubens – “One Step Ahead”

The Rubens haven’t spent the entirety of this year working with us on a special charity zine to mark Movember – they’ve also released a couple of excellent singles, including a cover of Split Enz for Mushroom 50. It was a fitting combination, with Split Enz giving Mushroom Records its first top 40 album in the US and The Rubens giving the late, great Michael Gudinski his final number one album in 2021.

Melodownz – “Money”

“Melodownz has always been a local legend. The rest of the world is finding out why,” Rolling Stone AU/NZ declared last year, and it was far from hyperbole. The Auckland rapper and MC was rightfully nominated for the Global Award at the recent Rolling Stone Aotearoa Awards, only narrowly losing out to The Beths, and he’s about to continue his excellent year with an appearance at Aotearoa House @ SXSW Sydney. Australians are about to be thrillingly confronted with the strength of NZ hip hop.

Bic Runga – “Sway”

A ’90s classic currently experiencing a wonderful resurgence. At last month’s 2023 Panhead Rolling Stone Aotearoa Awards, the Kiwi singer-songwriter was honoured with the inaugural Icon Award. She also performed twice on the night, including a stunning rendition of the track that first made her famous. “Sway” remains blissfuly amiable listening after all these years, and is the ideal accompaniment to the end of the work day.