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Song You Need to Know: VV Ace, ‘Neglected’

There’s a reason VV Ace is being widely touted as one of Australian hip hop’s next up

VV Ace


On “Neglected”, VV Ace has cemented himself as one of the country’s most promising up-and-comers. It’s so good that it’s arguably already one of Australian hip hop’s songs of the year, despite only releasing last Friday.

Over the last eight months, VV Ace has been widely touted as one of Australian hip hop’s next up.  Now, the tsunami of local hype is starting to reach its boiling point, and the fledgling star is officially in the hot seat. He’s been working tirelessly in the studio, and he’s now poised, calculated, and ready. But make no mistake, VV Ace is having fun at the same time.

Alongside his latest, drops like 2024 single “Sweet & Sour” and last year’s No Man’s Land EP, the latter released alongside fellow North Melbourne rapper and close collaborator lxrdmc, have served as further confirmation of VV Ace’s extremely high ceiling, which has been evident to those keenly following his journey over the last few years.

“Neglected” is smooth, as is Ace behind the mic on the song. While his versatility has been far from hidden, “Neglected” is one of those songs that holds appeal for all hip hop fans.

Instantly, the beat catches your attention, as does Ace’s intro which is anthematic on its own. Throughout, hyperlocal flex’s like “wherever I go, you know the bros go, I’m in the section at YoYo tellin’ the camera girl crop out the photo (I don’t wanna be part of no promo)” make “Neglected” bouncy, entertaining, and addictive.

What makes Ace special is his unique unpredictability. He keeps it authentic, drawing ideas from wider inspirations but making them his own. His lyrics can often be hyper-local, yet it doesn’t take anything away from the listening experience for those who aren’t always familiar with his references.

Whether it’s Ace’s entertaining, tough punchlines, or his effortless flow and delivery, “Neglected” should put him on the rest of Australia’s radar.

It feels like a culmination of what Ace has been building towards since his 2019 debut, “Not Impressed”. In the years since, his ability has been glaringly evident on other songs like “La Vida Loca”, “Mood Swings”, and “Frank Walker”, but it seems that 2024 is time for the hype to deservingly catch up.

VV Ace’s “Neglected” is out now.