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Song You Need to Know: The Grogans, ‘Nowhere To Be’

The Grogans have shared a blistering new single as they embark on their first-ever UK and European tour

The Grogans have somewhere to be and nowhere to be this week.

Following a sold-out run of Australian shows, the Melbourne trio find themselves in England at the onset of their UK and European tour. Over the next month, they’ll perform everywhere from Paris to Berlin, Prague to Cornwall.

Tomorrow will also see the release of the band’s new single, “Nowhere To Be”, which should be getting played to a heaving crowd at London’s Islington O2 Academy on Friday night.

On their first release of the year, The Grogans are on fierce form, assaulting the ears with a typically blistering garage rock anthem.

Sounding like early Parquet Courts, “Nowhere To Be” is chant-ready and primed to be a favourite on the band’s Northern Hemisphere sojourn. “I’ve got nothing to do / I’ve got nowhere to be,” they exclaim in the infectious chorus; it could be a slacker anthem if the energy wasn’t so sizzling.

‘Ever had nothing to do but still have endless tasks to achieve? Ever had nowhere to be yet you’re still late for something? Being cut in front of in a line or snaked out in the surf? You can’t decide to leave or to stay. “Nowhere To Be” is a track of the pure frustration, day to day nothingness and agitation of being restless mentally and physically,” the band say, which probably explains why they are embarking on their first-ever tour of the UK and Europe.

The track is accompanied by a deliriously trippy and downright strange music video, directed by Willem King, which is premiering above.

“Nowhere To Be” is the exciting first taste of the next chapter in The Grogans’ career, with a new album expected to arrive later this year following their touring exploits.

The Grogans’ “Nowhere To Be” is out Friday, May 5th via C.W. Records