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Sonos Presents: The Up and Coming Artists to Stream This Summer

Rev up the good tunes, and let Sonos bring you the best of up-and-coming artists this summer through their waterproof Roam speaker.

Let’s face it, the past two years have really been lacking in terms of good vibes – we haven’t been able to meet up with family or mates, concerts have been cancelled, and we haven’t been able to dive into that summer-y feeling that breathes life into us for quite a long time. Well, this summer will change it all, and Sonos will play a big part with their portable speaker, Roam.

Now that we’re reaching vaccination targets, this summer will be one to remember with family reunions, barbecues with the mates, and plenty of time spent around the pool or at the beach while playing the best new tunes to get us grooving. And, considering Roam is not only supreme when it comes to sound quality, it is  also handily waterproof, has all day battery life, and is drop resistant for when you’ve gone a bit too hard on the beers. Basically, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to how we want this summer to be spent.

With that being said, an outstanding speaker with a penchant for pure quality needs the absolute best playlist streamed through it, so the summer vibes match the energy we’ve had pent up for the last two years, and gives us plenty to dance to with our friends and family. Without further adieu, we present our must-have songs to include in the playlist from some of the best up-and-coming artists for the choicest summer vibes.

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Adam Newling

Diving head first into the indie-rock scene, Adam Newling is currently the most-played artist on triple j, and it’s no wonder with his calm, cool, and collected sound. Although he’s got a few tunes that are on the slower, more summer-nights-by-the-beach groove, one song that will surely get everyone pumped is his “Two of A Kind” from his most recent EP Occupational Anxiety. Bursting with energy, plus driving rifts and gruff vocals to boot, this song simply radiates summer time energy.


Rolling in at only 18 years old, Filipino-Australian emo-pop fusion artist Daine is making big waves across the music scene, and it all boils down to her unique sound in her songs. Providing a brilliant mix of both the classic pop sound, a good dose of emo vibes, plus a smattering of electronic nods, one of her latest singles “boys wanna txt” featuring EricDoa supremely emulates summer vibes with its quick beats and catchy lyrics.


On the scene since 2015, alt-pop musician Theia is an artist who’s not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to her sound. With a handful of singles and EPs to her name, she ebbs and flows through different genres with ease, and each song is another new ride through the world of Theia. As for summer vibes? Her biggest single “Roam” perfectly encapsulates those moments when you’re on the beach, the sun is beginning to set a bit, and you’re just ready to chill. And, it’s quite fitting to play “Roam” on the titular Roam speaker from Sonos.

Jess Johns

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Jess Johns embodies the indie-rock sound with her unique vocals. Although she’s been in a smattering of bands, including Ricky Albeck and The Belair Line Band, Purr, and The High Beamers, while also co-founding Dead Roo, this part of her music career sees her flying solo. Her 2020 single “Mercy” perfectly fits into your playlist by offering a different, enthralling sound, while matching the summer vibe we’re going for.

Eli Greeneyes

As for our final artist on our summer vibes playlist, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Perth singer-songwriter Eli Greeneyes. With his signature ’90s pop-rock influenced sound, his discography will not only make your summer one to remember, but it will bring you back to the good ol’ days, where all this virus mess never existed. For him, we recommend his latest single “She Don’t Care”.