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Robinson Clings to the Present on New EP ‘Chasing Nirvana’

“We picture paradise as this place that exists somewhere far away,” reflects the Nelson-born Kiwi songwriter



London-based Kiwi pop singer Robinson has unveiled her second EP, Chasing Nirvana. 

The five-track collection features standout tracks such as “It’s All Over You”, “Oblivion”, and “Things Aren’t Nice In Paradise”, as well as brand new songs “Regardless” and “Nirvana”.

Each track contributes to the EP’s ethereal quality, brought to life in a newly released short film directed by Soren Harrison. The visual narrative captures Robinson dancing in flower fields, lying in rivers, and navigating the streets of London (watch below). 

Reflecting on the EP, Robinson says, “I feel the sound has grown right alongside me helping to show the tenderness, angst, grit, confusion, and joy that comes along with living life. As people, we are a multitude of many things rather than just one thing and I really wanted to showcase all of these facets in the sonic of this EP, so it would make it a true journey.” 

The EP’s overarching “grass is greener” concept, the first of three EPs to follow, took root in the mind of the Nelson-born artist during the lockdown.

“As horrific as the pandemic was for the world, I think it showed one thing that I found to be quite amazing – there is a huge power in really pausing in life,” Robinson muses. “I feel we are really able to hear our truest selves when we sit amongst the quiet, which we often forget to do, in this busy world!

“We picture paradise as this place that exists somewhere far away, which society often tells us lies in the perfect job, perfect appearance, the perfect life and therefore; it becomes about ‘Chasing Nirvana’ rather than truly attaining it.”

After her big hit in 2020, “Nothing to Regret,” Robinson released her first EP, WATCHING YOU. She also opened for OneRepublic earlier this year in Australia and Auckland.

Robinson’s Chasing Nirvana is out now.