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Matariki 2024: 4 Aotearoa Releases to Check Out

Anna Coddington, TAWAZ, Jordyn With a Why, and more have fresh releases for the Māori New Year

Anna Coddington

Anna Coddington


Some of Aotearoa’s favourite musicians have new releases for Matariki, the Māori New Year.

Matariki, celebrated as a public holiday for the past two years, is a time to gather, remember those who have passed, and plan for the future.

Below, we take a closer look at four fresh releases out in time for Matariki:

Anna Coddington – Te Whakamiha

Anna Coddington is set to release her new album, Te Whakamiha, this Friday for Matariki.

The album blends funk-pop with upbeat singles like “Kātuarehe” and “Mōhou Rā”, featuring lyrics in both te reo Māori and English. The title is a rough translation of her band’s name, The Appreciations, which includes Jol Mulholland, Mike Hall, and Fen Ikner.

After years of studying te reo Māori, Coddington released Mana-Wā-Hine in 2021, which had tracks from her 2020 album Beams translated into te reo Māori. Te Whakamiha is her first entirely new project in te reo Māori, with some English lyrics.

 Manu Taupunga – “Hine Mokemoke” 

Out this Friday, “Hine Mokemoke” is a new waiata featuring artists TAWAZ, Jordyn With a Why, Mārei, MĀ, Chase Woods, Henare Kaa of Dillastrate, and Kings – all part of the artist collective Manu Taupunga.

The waiata was born from a 48-hour songwriting session in Te Urewera, guided by Tūhoe artist and activist Tame Iti and music legend Whirimako Black. Inspired by nature and its connection to Matariki, the song speaks to longing for real connections and relationships with land and people, both present and departed.

“Hine Mokemoke is that lonely little voice inside of us who cries out for real connections and longs for genuine relationships with one’s land and people – those present and those who are now shining down on us, up in the sky,” TAWAZ explains.

“Like Matariki and the stars, allow Hine Mokemoke to guide you back to your whenua, to your people, to your whakapapa.”

Tiki Taane and Arli Liberman -“Hold on to the Dream” 

Tiki Taane and Arli Liberman have released “Hold on to the Dream”, the theme song for the upcoming film Ka Whawhai Tonu – Struggle Without End, directed by Michael Jonathan (Tainui, Mātaatua, Te Arawa).

The song aims to uplift audiences emotionally, spiritually, and sonically from the weight of the historical kaupapa portrayed in the film. 

Featuring vocals by Louis Baker (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Tū), the song reflects themes of hope, unity, and liberation.

Ka Whawhai Tonu – Struggle Without End premieres in cinemas this week.

Allana Goldsmith – “MANAAKITIA”

Māori artist Allana Goldsmith is set to release a new song and music video for Matariki this Friday, titled “MANAAKITIA”.

You can also listen to Goldsmith’s 2017 Matariki single, “MATARIKI”, here.