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Song You Need to Know: Maanyung, ‘Don’t Run Away From Hurt’

The emerging talent has been picked to showcase at BIGSOUND 2024



Maanyung’s latest release is giving us goosebumps.

They’ve been handpicked for BIGSOUND 2024, where they’ll showcase their talent with songs like “Don’t Run Away From Hurt.”

Maanyung’s new release mixes beautiful melodies and deep, poetic lyrics in their native tongue, proudly honouring their Gumbaynggirr and Yaegl roots.

Describing “Don’t Run Away From Hurt” as raw and real, Maanyung explores self-discovery and resilience in the song.

In an Instagram post, they shared about the song: “Keep going back to her (country) she will keep teaching you. She will only give you a glimpse, a feeling that can be quite profound.  Resilience through love, through honouring our ancestors and country. That’s where our beauty lies. Keep the fire burning as always. ”

“Don’t Run Away From Hurt” comes with a serene seaside visualiser, matching the song’s delicate tone, which you can watch below.

This is the second standout release from Maanyung this year, following “Bilwaali (Home)” in March. Previous singles like “Light & Dark”, “Patterns”, and “Nguura Bula” have also steadily built up the artist’s distinctive catalogue.

Collaborating with producers Tom and Andy Mak, Maanyung’s music blends traditional instruments like boomerangs with modern synths and electronic influences. Singing in his ancestors’ language is his way of preserving tradition in today’s fast-paced world.

Talking to triple j’s ‘Blak Out’ show during NAIDOC Week (watch back here), Maanyung discussed connecting their language with fans: “It’s tricky translating our words into a western context. I write music like poems and then turn them into songs.”

Maanyung’s participation at BIGSOUND 2024, which will be held between September 3rd-6th, highlights their presence among Australia and Aotearoa’s brightest up-and-coming talents. No stranger to a crowd, they have previously opened for Northern Territory band Yothu Yindi.

Grounded in a mission to spread respect and care for ourselves, our communities, and Mother Earth, Maanyung’s music invites you to find calm and connection.

Maanyung’s “Don’t Run Away From Hurt” is out now.