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Lauren Gin Is Bringing Her Bass-Heavy Hits to Rhythm and Vines

The trap and future bass producer has cemented her position as a rising star within Aotearoa’s electronic music scene in 2023

Lauren Gin


Not long after turning 20, Lauren Gin decided to pursue her love of electronic music by learning how to DJ. 

She dreamed of using her performances to create the ideal setting for electronic music lovers like herself to enjoy and move freely on the dancefloor. As her fascination for her new pursuit intensified, she realised the ultimate way of connecting to an audience would be by producing original tracks fuelled by her own tastes and inspirations.

A string of invigorating releases, including her 2020 debut EP, Supernova, and this year’s Adrenaline, has cemented her position as a rising star within this country’s electronic music scene.

Now, as a regular at New Zealand’s top events and music festivals, Gin gets to live out her dream of entertaining crowds with her incessantly catchy, bass-heavy anthems.

Ahead of her performance at Rhythm and Vines 2023, the producer told Rolling Stone AU/NZ about how her music career started, the driving force behind her creativity, and who to catch at the renowned New Year’s Eve festival. 

Lauren Gin’s Adrenaline EP is out now. More information about Rhythm and Vines 2023 can be found here

Rolling Stone AU/NZ: Where did your love of electronic music come from? 

Lauren Gin: I started playing the piano when I was a kid and that got me interested in music. In my teenage years, I listened to dubstep artists like Skrillex and local legend Mt Eden, and their unique sounds left a lasting impression on me. I later discovered trap music, falling in love with RL Grime, Flosstradamus, and Alison Wonderland, all who still inspire me to this day. 

There’s something about the genre that gives me pure joy and elation. I will listen to bass music at 6am before work or live at a gig on the weekend. Honestly, I live for the euphoric feeling it gives me and it always puts me in the best mood. 

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Tell us about some of the hobbies that help form the intensity you want to convey in your sound.

I’m an avid enthusiast of activities like surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, skateboarding, and a few other extreme sports. The rush of adrenaline and the intense moments I encounter in these pursuits serve as inspiration for my music production. The exhilaration and thrill I feel when participating in these thrill-seeking activities just naturally find their way into my artistic expression. I try to capture and convey the excitement, energy, and intensity through each song. I want people to feel overwhelmed with elation and also feel empowered. This EP has heavy-hitting sounds that achieve this intense yet euphoric feeling!

What steps did you take early on to turn your passion for music into a career? 

Self-promotion played a crucial role – I created an online presence through social media platforms, showcasing my work and engaging with a growing audience in New Zealand. Networking became a priority as well. Attending lots of gigs, reaching out to promoters, and connecting with fellow artists allowed me to build a solid foundation within the music community. 

Sending out mixes to promoters and other artists became a routine, offering a tangible representation of my style and capabilities. It was a way of saying, ‘This is who I am, and this is what I bring to the table.’ Throughout this journey, staying true to myself and my original sound was non-negotiable. While the industry landscape can be diverse and dynamic, authenticity became my guiding principle. I believed that staying true to my unique musical identity would not only set me apart but also attract those who resonated with my style of trap and future bass. 

What challenges have you faced so far in your career?

Being a female in the music industry has presented its own set of challenges from the very beginning. While the industry is evolving (and much better than when I first started), there are still difficulties to overcome. I’ve encountered instances where getting my name out there required extra effort, but I’ve embraced it as an opportunity to challenge expectations and contribute to positive change.

Another challenge has been finding the time to consistently create new music while also dedicating time to promoting it. Being a solo, self-managed artist means wearing many hats. Balancing the creative process with the business side of things is a juggling act. However, I’ve learned to manage my time effectively, setting aside dedicated periods for both music production and promotional activities. 

Talk us through the year that’s been – what have been some highlights for you?

 This year has been amazing! Earlier in the year I released my single, “Flight”, which was a teaser for my EP, Adrenaline. As for shows, I performed to a packed-out crowd at Splore and also was an opening act for LF System and Loods. The next few months are looking really exciting as I’ll be touring my EP over summer in New Zealand.

Which of your songs would you recommend people check out to get acquainted with your style of music? 

Listen to “Adrenaline” (the song). It’s super light and fluffy and reflects the lighter side of my bass-heavy style. It’s a Flume-esque track and overall exudes great vibes. “Remedy” is another awesome track that illustrates a nice blend of pop elements in a future bass track. JANAYAH’s vocals shine through and it has a super catchy drop/melody. Then “Don’t Stop” is pure filth – it’s heavy, hard-hitting, and intense. This reflects 16-year-old me listening to Skrillex on the bus and so it would be rude not to include it in the EP!

What do you think makes up a great electronic hit? 

Have a memorable and impactful drop with a catchy melody that is so good that people can’t get it out of their head. Also, standout electronic hits often feature innovative sound design. Unique and interesting sound choices, textures, and synthesis techniques help the track stand out in a crowded landscape. Experimentation with sound is key to creating a distinctive sonic identity.

You’re playing Rhythm and Vines this year. What’s the best part about heading to Gisborne to be a part of the New Year’s festival? 

The best part for me? Well, imagine jamming out and ringing in the New Year with your tunes in this incredible vineyard setup at Waiohika Estate. It’s not your average gig – it’s a huge celebration in this beautiful scenic spot that adds a whole new level of excitement to the festival. It’s such a magical atmosphere and everyone is on such a great buzz.

Which other artists on the lineup should people check out?

Oh, where do I begin?! Let’s start with the must-see Kiwi artists – the wonderful Lee Mvtthews (absolute pioneers of drum ‘n’ bass in Aotearoa!) and Foley who have totally smashed it as a pop duo. 

I also wouldn’t miss seeing Slumberjack – they’re another inspirational bass act that I idolise with their feel-good future bass hits. And I’m looking forward to seeing Becky Hill – her voice is incredible and I cannot imagine what she will bring to a live show.