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BTS: Inside Kobie Dee & Stan Walker’s Stunning New Music Video

The pair’s powerful new single ruminates on breaking familial cycles and creating generational change

Kobie Dee Stan Walker 'Father's Eyes'

Tristan Stefan Edouard

Kobie Dee and Stan Walker have come together for the stunning new single, “Father’s Eyes”.

In a storytelling feat, the pair’s track ruminates on breaking familial cycles, creating generational change, and beating the system that has removed opportunities to foster strong families. Dee digs deep into the essence of fatherhood, considering how he sees it through his own eyes.

Gomeroi artist Dee asked his Māori contemporary to join him on “Father’s Eyes” and Walker didn’t disappoint, delivering a powerful hook with his typically soulful vocals.

The single dropped today alongside an equally stunning music video, the work of director Kieran Satour of Garuwa and cinematographer Andrew Amanaki of Amanaki Studios.

Credit: Tristan Stefan Edouard

The clip, which was filmed on unceded Bidjigal Land, opens with Dee and Walker discussing their culture, their upbringing, and the future of their respective mobs, before portraying fathers from Māori and Aboriginal communities coming together with family and friends to centre and celebrate shared paternal experiences and bonds.

According to Satour – himself a Gurindji, Pertame Arrernte, and Worimi man – the production of the music video was a powerful one, designed to not only contextualise the lyrical depth present within the song, but to also challenge stereotypes of black fatherhood through the use of honest, strong, and proud visuals.

Credit: Tristan Stefan Edouard

“Working with Kobie and Stan on this clip was such a blessing,” he says. “This special song, deeply grounded in their own experiences as Indigenous fathers and sons, is about highlighting the strength and resilience of all the families out there striving to break cycles.”

“It was a great collaboration and I feel everyone that was involved really resonated with what the track was about and really captured the vision for the video clip,” adds Dee.

Credit: Tristan Stefan Edouard

Walker was just as thrilled about making the music video: “Flying to Sydney to be part of the ‘Father’s Eyes’ video shoot was so buzzy. Epic team and a video unlike no other I have ever shot or been a part of.”

“Father’s Eyes” is Dee’s first solo single since last year’s “Basics”, which followed on from the release of his acclaimed debut EP, Gratitude Over Pity.

Kobie Dee’s “Father’s Eyes” (ft. Stan Walker) is out now via Bad Apples Music/Island Records Australia.