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Song You Need to Know: June Jones, ‘Good Girl’

The newest addition to the Chapter Music roster channels Charli XCX on a daring slice of alt-pop

June Jones

Michelle Pitiris

What better way to celebrate joining Chapter Music than releasing one of your best tracks to date? June Jones, the newest addition to the label’s roster, dropped “Good Girl” this week, a daring and alluring alt-pop single.

“I was listening to a lot of Charli XCX when I was making “Good Girl”,” Jones shares. “I think my love for her music is what allowed me to write a chorus like this one, which leans into the part of me that does kinda just wanna be this hot femme object of queer desire.”

It’s not difficult to imagine Charli cutting loose to Jones’ creation. There are exciting shades of daine, Cub Sport, and others in the darting sounds of “Good Girl”, but it’s not surprising if you listened to Jones’ 2022 album, the wryly-titled Pop Music for Normal Women: she’s been self-releasing substantive and subversive alt-pop for a while now.

Chapter Music certainly know her worth, and Jones couldn’t be happier to now call the label home. “I’m really excited to be releasing my new music through Chapter – a label whose catalogue I have been listening to since I was in high school,” she says.

“After opting to self-release all of my own music until now, I feel extremely grateful to find a label that my new songs can call home.”

You can watch the accompanying music video for “Good Girl” below, a racy clip directed by Jeremy Elphick and Jonno Revanche. “I play two characters that represent caricatures of the two roles I inhabit as an independent artist,” June says about the video. “The one in the blonde wig is the public face of the artist, glamorous and put-together.

“The copper-haired character is the part of me that does all the work behind the scenes, which in reality can be quite unglamorous and exhausting. I also just wanted to include some hot muscular men as homage to the pop videos I grew up seeing on TV Hits.”

June Jones’ “Good Girl” is out now via Chapter Music.