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Song You Need to Know: Jason Parker, ‘Crash’

With its catchy pop beats, ‘Crash’ takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions

Jason Parker


Jason Parker returns with his latest single “Crash,” a breakup anthem with a twist.

The song hits hard about the aftermath of a sudden breakup and the weight of broken promises. Parker admits to feeling like a “dead man walking” in the wake of the split.

With catchy pop beats “Crash” is a rollercoaster of emotions, making it a one to watch from the local pop scene. 

“A crash is sudden and so was the breakup. Sharp and unexpected,” Parker explains. “I felt terribly guilty for breaking a promise to a person I’d loved and devastated that I had been so blind to the warning signs. I think the line that sums up the themes of ‘Crash’ best is ‘I feel like a dead man walking.’ A reminder that no matter how shocked you’re feeling, life just keeps going.”

Parker’s music video for “Crash” took him all the way to Japan, where he teamed up with Daisy Thor-Poet to film in Osaka’s lively alleyways. The pair were right to work together: their past collaboration for ‘This Is My Year” won Best Music Video at the New Zealand Youth Film Awards.

The stylish video captures Osaka’s vibrant and industrial streets, reflecting the song’s uneasy vibe amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

“Daisy had moved to Osaka and invited me to come stay to shoot the video for ‘Crash’,” reveals Parker. “I’d never travelled further than Sydney so jumped at the opportunity. It was a full day of running around the streets of Osaka singing in alleyways and train stations.

“We had people coming up to us all day excited and inquisitive about what we were filming. I literally started the day dying my hair in a hostel bath room and ended it at the biggest sushi train I’d ever seen. The whole day was really a popstar fantasy moment.”

“Crash” serves as the debut single from Parker’s newly announced EP, Fairy Bread

Explaining the concept behind the EP, Parker shares, “The idea of Fairy Bread really is about taking something and making it better. For example, plain white bread and adding sprinkles, and that is what Fairy Bread is. Coming from darkness into light.”

Jason Parker’s “Crash” is out now.