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Song You Need to Know: ISHAN, ‘Hello’

If you’ve been anywhere around Melbourne CBD recently, chances are you’ll recognise ISHAN from his enthusiastic busking



If you’ve been anywhere around Melbourne CBD recently, chances are you’ll recognise ISHAN.

The multicultural singer-songwriter has taken to his hometown’s streets to promote his music with gusto, as numerous cheery social media clips attest to, but his music has been grabbing attention off the streets too.

His latest single “Hello”, released earlier this month, was just added to several Apple Music playlists, including New Music Daily, and its infectious sweetness would make for a nice surprise if stumbled upon in a playlist rotation.

The indie pop track is endearingly feel-good, just about avoiding mawkishness, as ISHAN attempts to tell a girl how much he cares for her. “You wouldn’t understand / The effect that a girl like you can have / That’s why it’s taken me so long to ask,” he sings just before the bright chorus.

It’s a relatable line: ISHAN’s single is really an ode to allowing yourself to be vulnerable in life. “I just wanna give it a go,” he later sings, and there is notable relief in his voice. “We’re always afraid and it never feels like “the right time”, but in taking that risk anyway there is magic,” as ISHAN explains.

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You can watch the accompanying music video, which starts and ends with ISHAN contentedly in bed with his dream girl, below.

Combining polished production, tender lyrics, and an enthusiastic personality, ISHAN feels primed for commercial success. According to a press release, he’s written over 120 original tracks, and it’s this intense commitment to his craft that should stand him in good stead moving forward.

“Hello” follows previous 2023 singles “If I Had No Song” (an ironic title given the above information) and “Apologies”, and his latest track is set to feature on an upcoming EP, due to be released later this year.
ISHAN’s “Hello” is out now.