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‘In My Room’ With Windwaker

Windwaker played a new single and two old favourites for their Rolling Stone AU/NZ ‘In My Room’ session

Windwaker played a new single and two old favourites for their Rolling Stone AU/NZ ‘In My Room’ session.

With a sinister Star Wars stormtrooper looming over them, the Melbourne metalcore favourites opened with their latest single, “SIRENS”, paring back the thrash of the original for a hazier version. The lyrics, “I’m thinking ’bout girls on white horses / With angelic voices / They’re luring me in with their song / Oh what could go wrong, suited the mellower rhythm well.

They moved onto the tender “Colourless”, released in 2019 but still their most-streamed song on Spotify to date. They stuck closer to the melancholic spirit of the original this time, led by Liam Guinane’s solemn keys.

Windwaker’s ‘In My Room’ session then exploded into a powerful climax with “Lucy”, a song from their 2022 debut studio album, Love Language.

Windwaker have enjoyed a busy period of touring, selling out shows around the country last month, and they’re not quite finished for the year yet.

They’ll head to Melbourne’s Stay Gold on Saturday, September 30th to celebrate 20 years of Australian tour promoter Destroy All Lines. Windwaker will be joined by The Motion Below and Heartland at the special show (ticket information here).

Windwaker will then finish 2023 with two festival appearances: at FEELS GOOD in Sydney on Sunday, October 8th, and at South Australia’s Froth & Fury Fest on Saturday, November 18th.

The national tour going so well was just reward for Windwaker, who have made it through a period of upheaval on the lineup front. Former member Guinane, who used to play rhythm guitar and provide backing vocals, returned as lead singer to compensate for the departure of Will King, while Connor Robins also joined the band to cover synths and sampling.

You can watch Windwaker’s full ‘In My Room’ session above.

Windwaker’s “SIRENS” is out now.