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Song You Need to Know: Hans., ‘Grandmother Is Waiting for Me’

Hans. teams up with Korean indie singer Meaningful Stone for his first release of the year


Abi Raymaker

Hans. has teamed up with Korean indie singer Meaningful Stone for his first release of the year, “Grandmother Is Waiting for Me”.

The song delicately blends soft vocal melodies, dreamy synths, and subtle drum beats, capturing Hans.’ emotional experience of reuniting with his grandmother in Korea after a long time apart.

Hans.‘ heartfelt rap-singing vocals express his deep bond with his grandmother and reflect on the uncertainty and gratitude that come with saying goodbye. Meaningful Stone’s Korean harmonies also add an extra layer of emotion to the track, creating a touching collaboration.

The pair initially connected through a mutual friend, Seoul-based photographer Abi Raymaker, who also shot the single artwork at Hans.’ grandmother’s home in Korea.

“I wanted to make a song like this for a while,” Hans. says. “When I went to Korea in December 2022 it was my first time seeing my grandma in 3 years. That’s a lot of time considering she kind of raised me as a child and there was never a year I didn’t see her.

“She’s a big inspiration to me, from all the stories she has of Korea to all her personal experiences, I get a lot of strength from her. Stories from the war, from Korea’s dictatorship era, our own family stories. I’m really grateful to be able to spend time and talk, especially now that I’m old enough to understand certain things.

“Every time we say goodbye though there’s that tiny thought in the back of my mind that wonders how many goodbyes we have left. Not in a morbid way, but I think we just both know. I kind of wanted to capture that feeling with this song. Saying goodbye to someone and the guilt/uncertainty that can come with it.“

The track’s gentle instrumentation, as light as a snowflake’s descent, is complemented by the accompanying video. Filmed at Hans.’ family home in Gimpo, Korea, it provides an intimate glimpse into the artist’s daily life during Korean winter.

It beautifully captures ordinary moments of home life: the intricate furnishings of his grandmother’s house, shared home-cooked meals, and snowy trips to the supermarket. Hans. intentionally avoids showing his grandmother’s face in the visuals, respecting her privacy and wanting the video to resonate with a wide audience who may relate to its sentiment.

“Grandmother Is Waiting for Me” is the first  taste of the artist’s upcoming album, due for release later this year. It’s a departure from the uptempo rhythms of his recent EP, Porcelain Demos. And after successful collaborations with Auckland synth-pop duo IMUGI 이무기 in 2022, like “Swimming” and “Candy”, it’s clear that he’s adept at creating magic with fellow musicians.

In fact, he first burst onto the scene with “Froyo”, his lo-fi hip hop collaboration with bedroom pop superstar Clairo.  Since then the artist has continued putting out striking releases, both as a main artist and supporting producer, and this latest track is no exception. 

Hans. “Grandmother Is Waiting for Me ft. Meaningful Stone” is out now.