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My Favourite New Zealand Artist: FABLE on Nesian Mystik

To celebrate NZ Music Month, Rolling Stone AU/NZ asked musicians to name their favourite Aotearoa artists and share what sets them apart



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FABLE nails Aotearoa’s summer sound with his latest track, “Please!” It’s a funky, laid-back jam that transports you to a Friday afternoon after work, kicking back with some kava and just chilling out. 

And it’s no shocker that the legendary crew dominating the summer airwaves in the early 2000s, paving the way for New Zealand hip hop—Nesian Mystik—has left a significant imprint on this talented artist and producer from Papakura, South Auckland.

Below Fable gives us the lowdown on just how much of an impact Nesian Mystik has had on his music-making process:

This is an almost impossible task, there are so many great artists in Aotearoa! 

In terms of all time classics, my go-to would have to be Nesian Mystik. I think [2008 album] Elevator Musiq was the first thing I ever bought from the iTunes Store (sorry again mum and dad for all the music I bought using your card haha). “Nesian 101” is a hall of famer track.

In terms of my current faveourites and influences, it would have to be The Beths. I’m a Beths stan. The songwriting is crazy. I don’t know how Liz can sing like that in the Kiwi accent. It’s not human. Plus, they love native birds. What’s not to love!

Want to catch Fable during New Zealand Music Month / Te Marama Puoro o Aotearoa? Well, you’re in luck. He’ll be supporting skinnyandsoft’s debut album release show at BIG FAN at the end of the month on Friday, May 31st, joined by fellow Aotearoa artists CRYSTAL and Greenbathing. Tickets are available via UTR here 

Fable’s “Please!” is out now.