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Song You Need to Know: Emily Wurramara ft. Tasman Keith, ‘Lordy Lordy’

Wurramara announced her second studio album this week

Emily Wurramara

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Emily Wurramara has released her new single, “Lordy Lordy”, featuring Tasman Keith.

“Lordy Lordy” is a sonic piece of art and just as much a visual one, too. In the music video, directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, Wurramara and Keith are in the outback, surrounded by Indigenous dancers as the two embrace the local land. Wurramara does well to incorporate multiple genres in the song, with “Lordy Lordy” having elements of R&B and pop.

In addition, Keith’s verse is an interesting switch up, his feature completely changing the pace of the song as he opens his verse.

“Lordy Lordy” is Wurramara’s third single of the year, following February’s “Magic Woman Dancing” and April’s “Midnight Blues”. For Keith, it’s his first verse of the year, with his last single releasing in November, “TOO MANY REDS”.

Since her official debut in 2016 with ‘Ngerraberrakernama (Wake Up)’, and her debut EP Black Smoke a few months later, Wurramara has become one of Australia’s most successful Indigenous artists with successful singles like “Lady Blue” and “Ngarrikwujeyinama” from her 2018 project, Milyakburra, which won an AIR Award for Best Independent Blues and Roots Album.

Throughout her career, Wurramara has been a strong Indigenous activist, with a lot of her music having a strong cultural focus. Milyakburra was named after the island sacred to her family, while she also included family members on the album itself. She also released “Forever 15” alongside fellow First Nations artists DOBBY, Optamus, Drmngnow, and Emma Donovan in memory of Cassius Turvey, who lost his life on the way home from school following an unprovoked attack in 2022.

Music is always meant to bring people together, and Wurramara seems to know that as she aims to lift up through her music. “Lordy Lordy” embodies what Wurramara excels in: great songwriting and vocal ability, with insanely creative and meaningful visuals that highlight her culture.

Alongside releasing “Lordy Lordy”, Wurramara has announced her highly anticipated second studio album.

Titled NARA, the album will land on August 23rd, following the highs and lows of her life over the past several years, from winning accolades and taking her music across the world to struggling with her mental health.

Before her album drops, Wurramara has a few shows lined up, including at the 2024 NIMAs in Darwin on August 10th.

Emily Wurramara’s “Lordy Lordy” (ft. Tasman Keith) is out now. NARA is out Friday, August 23rd via ABC Music (pre-order here).