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Song You Need to Know: Dick Move, ‘Small Man, Big Tweet’

The Auckland punks lacerate keyboard warriors in their first single of the year

Dick Move

Frances Carter

When Foo Fighters announced that they’d be returning to New Zealand in 2024, the additional confirmation of Dick Move as their support made a lot of sense.

This was their second chance at it, after all: Dick Move were originally supposed to support the rock icons last year, before the band cancelled all of their remaining 2022 shows due to the tragic loss of Taylor Hawkins.

Perhaps it was a minor blessing. “I am incredibly fazed by it,” lead singer Lucy Suttor told The Spinoff about the prospect of supporting the Foos last year. “I’ve been flipping between feeling very excited, overwhelmed, freaking out and kind of like I’m going to spew.”

But with an additional year of preparation behind them, Suttor and her bandmates will likely embrace their supporting duties with increased confidence. They’ve finally completed their first tour of Australia, for one, and they’re now also armed with searing anthems like new single, “Small Man, Big Tweet”.

The short, sharp punk rock anthem wickedly takes aim at the keyboard warriors we all inevitably – unfortunately – encounter on a Twitter (X?) scroll.

“From hurling insults in the metaphorical ring of Twitter, to hurling fists in literal cage fights, these people will stop at nothing to prove that their two cents are worth anything more,” the band say about their wonderfully fiery takedown of “dick-swingers.”

You can watch the accompanying music video, directed by Stella Reid, below, which features a comical legal battle serving as a lacerating takedown of hypermasculinity.

Dick Move are a proper Auckland band (“thanks to Whammy Bar for letting us rehearse there every week, Wine Cellar for being our meeting room, Lim Chhour Foodcourt for providing us with sustenance,” they say about the recording locations for Wet), but their spirited style also fits effortlessly into Australia’s contemporary punk landscape, particularly Melbourne.

There are hints of Pinch Points, Blonde Revolver, Clamm, and myriad other Melburnians in their sound, and it’s why their first Australian tour is unlikely to be their last.

“Small Man, Big Tweet” will feature on Dick Move’s newly announced second studio album, Wet, which will arrive this October. Containing 13 confronting tracks, the album finds the band “taking aim at society’s most pernicious elements, from landlords and social media fuckos, to the harsh realities of neo-liberalism and capitalistic competition.”

Dick Move’s “Small Man, Big Tweet” is out now. Wet is out October 6th via 1:12 Records (pre-order here).