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CRAVITY Love Australia: Troye Sivan, Nature & Quokkas

Rolling Stone AU/NZ caught up with the rising K-Pop boy group after the release of their excellent sixth mini-album ‘SUN SEEKER’


If you already love K-Pop, you’ll know CRAVITY; if you don’t, remember the name.

The nine-member boy group only debuted in 2020 with Starship Entertainment, but their reputation has been quickly growing ever since. They’ve released a six mini-albums in those few years, including September’s SUN SEEKER. The reason for their remarkable consistency? “To see our LUVITY [CRAVITY fans] as soon as possible!” is what CRAVITY told Rolling Stone AU/NZ

The release of SUN SEEKER followed the group’s first-ever North American tour, which included festival appearances in New York City, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. Wherever they went, big crowds of K-Pop fans came out for their impeccable dance routines and charming dance-pop vocals.

Read Rolling Stone AU/NZ‘s full interview with all nine CRAVITY members below, including discussion of their sixth mini-album, tour experiences, Australia, and even quokkas.

CRAVITY’s SUN SEEKER is out now. 

Rolling Stone AU/NZ: What themes did you try to explore in SUN SEEKER?

SEONGMIN: For this album, we wanted to include our desire to always provide strength and support to LUVITY [CRAVITY fans]. It contains our message that we want to help and support our LUVITY in everything they do.

Why did you decide to make a mini-album for this one?

SEONGMIN: We wanted to see our LUVITY as soon as possible! 

WOOBIN: Compared to a full-length album that requires a lot of tracks to prepare, a mini-album is more concise. We can be more concise and show the musical expression that we want to more clearly and directly so we prepared this album as a mini-album this time. 

How have fans responded to SUN SEEKER since its release?

HYEONGJUN: Our fans really loved our last album MASTER: PIECE so I had hoped that they would love our SUN SEEKER album too! Just as I hoped, it seems like our LUVITY loved this album twice as much since we have double title tracks this time. I’m very happy that they like this album and we’ll try to do even more to show an even better side of us. 

Your rise to the top of K-Pop has been so quick. How do you all stay grounded and deal with your growing fame?

ALLEN: I always try to look back and reflect on my past. I remind myself about how much I’ve grown and work to never forget how I was like in the past. 

How did your first-ever North American tour go? Any highlights from the tour?

TAEYOUNG: We prepared our SUN SEEKER album at the same time as when we were doing our US tour. Since we were spending so much time together with LUVITY while preparing the album, we got a lot of energy and strength from seeing our fans. The loud cheers and beautiful voices of our US LUVITY were really memorable to me. 

When will we see you in Australia?!

MINHEE: If we get the chance, we’d like to go to see our Australian LUVITY as soon as possible! I’d also love to visit Australia and see the kangaroos. 

ALLEN: I know there was KCON Australia years ago and that there’s a lot of K-Pop fans in Australia so I’d love to go see our LUVITY there soon!

Have any of you been to Australia personally? Do you have any favourite Australian artists?

WONJIN: None of us have been to have been to Australia personally yet.

JUNGMO: I like the Australian artists Troye Sivan and Sia!

ALLEN: Bang Chan from Stray Kids.

WOOBIN: Felix from Stray Kids.


If you had to choose just one CRAVITY song to introduce a new Australian fan to your music, what would it be?

WOOBIN: I’d like to recommend “Colorful”! Australia has beautiful natural landscapes and people can interact with many animals often there too. Quokkas are famous in Australia and I wrote this song so I think this is a great song to recommend to someone new. 

What’s coming up for CRAVITY in 2024?

SERIM: In 2024, CRAVITY will always be preparing, moving forward and working hard in order to meet as many LUVITY as possible!