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‘In My Room’ With Arig

The Sydney-based rising R&B star performed three songs off her latest EP, ‘Reckless’

Arig took centre stage in the latest edition of Rolling Stone AU/NZ’sIn My Room’ series, treating viewers to three tracks from her latest EP, Reckless.

Straight from her sunlit living room, the Sydney-based rising R&B star showed off her impressive vocal range. From the undeniable attitude displayed in “Lambos in Logan” to the sublime “His Nation”, Arig (pronounced Aahridge) proved you don’t need much to put on an impressive performance.

Arig paused for a moment to introduce her final song, “Freedom”, saying, “This song I absolutely love. It’s a lot more downtempo and intimate than the first two tracks, and I really love it.”

Arig’s most recent EP, Reckless, reflected on challenging experiences during what she described as “the most reckless period of my life.”

Drawing from influences across pop, R&B, hip hop, funk, soul, and more, the EP contained a dynamic collection of six tracks. “His Nation” showcased her enjoyably tongue-in-cheek style, expressing bravado and confidence in the face of challenges. “Pop Off”, meanwhile, was a super fun and bouncy track about self-love and breaking free from toxic cycles, and urges us to embrace ourselves unapologetically.

Beyond her music, Arig is also an advocate against domestic abuse, using her platform to raise awareness at various engagements, including at Amnesty International’s 20th Writes for Rights anniversary and the launch of Amity Place, a community-run initiative to support against domestic, family and partner violence and narcissistic abuse recovery.

In an interview with Tone Deaf this year, Arig shared insights about her growth as an artist, including how she would describe her music to her grandma:

“Nan, I make music about emotions, good or bad, that keep me up at night. I make music that either amplifies or distracts me from a feeling. And most importantly, Nan, for catharsis, you know to help me heal, and you can blame your daughter for that last one.”

With more live shows and music on the way, Arig is definitely one to watch.

Arig’s Reckless EP is out now.