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Troy Cassar-Daley Triumphs Through Tragedy on ‘The World Today’

A record born out of dark times, Troy Cassar-Daley has delivered one of his most personal and accomplished albums to date.

Image of Troy Cassar-Daley


With over 30 years in the game, it’s abundantly clear that you can always rely on a solid body of work from Troy Cassar-Daley, but it’s a true delight to see the acclaimed musician return with one of his best albums to date after a few difficult years off.

Having last released an album of original material by way of 2016’s Things I Carry Around, Cassar-Daley has spent the last few years looking back a little bit, with a pair of compilation albums – 2018’s Lost & Found and Greatest Hits – proving that his career is one of the finest in the country genre, while last year’s Christmas for Cowboys helped prove that even Christmas music isn’t beneath the great man.

Now, Cassar-Daley has returned with The World Today, one of his most accomplished and personal records to date. Inspired by the difficult passing of his own father, and the events of 2020’s global pandemic which saw him hit “rock bottom”, Cassar-Daley found joy in his work once again, working with producer Matt Fell to create his 11th studio album in just a month.

The result is arguably one of the most confronting records in his discography, but easily one of the most breathtaking. Equally personal and resounding, Cassar-Daley crafts an almost flawless collection of songs within the space of an hour, touching upon topics which range from the introspective to the quietly exuberant, while providing an overarching feeling of positivity to the darkness.

From the smooth “I Still Believe”, to the slick Ian Moss collaboration in “South”, and on to the lengthy bluesy break in “Drive in The Dark (Be A Man)”, The World Today provides an all-encompassing journey into Cassar-Daley’s world, leaving you feeling emotionally-drained, but overwhelmingly hopeful.

They say artists often hope to provide the listener with a chance to truly share their experiences, and no better has it been done than here. If ever an album existed to help people move through the darkness and into the light, The World Today is the ultimate example.

Troy Cassar-Daley’s The World Today is out now via Sony Music Entertainment Australia.