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Dance Floor Fillers Galore on Ricki-Lee’s New Album

Ricki-Lee heats up the dance floor on her first album in a decade



Ricki-Lee’s first record in a decade turns bitterness into beauty. From infectious harmonies on tracks like “Ghost”, lyrical vindication on “What Do You Want From Me?” and “Talkin’”, and a Mardi Gras-primed interpolation of KISS’ “I Was Made for Loving You”, Ricki Lee’s long-awaited effort is worth the wait.

Known for her tone and shading, Ricki-Lee has undoubtedly created a dance floor filler collection, but kept the avenging angel vocals she’s honed over her two decade-long career.

Released through her own record label, On My Own proves the music industry polymath got to where she is for a reason.

Stream: Ricki-Lee, On My Own


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