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E^ST Is All Grown Up On Debut Album, ‘I’M DOING IT’

E^ST’s first full-length album I’M DOING IT is an epic saga of blissful post-relationship mediations and pop, swathed with twinkling synths.

Image of E^ST

Amir Hossein*

E^ST’s first full-length album is an epic saga of blissful post-relationship mediations. Penned and produced with Jim Eliot (Halsey, Ellie Goulding), I’M DOING IT covers a lot of ground. It’s pop, swathed with twinkling synths and modernist harmonies, but it’s also experimental in parts, showcasing a new sophistication for one Melisa Bester.

The entire first half is about heartbreak: “I miss the way I was everything to you,” she sings on “Found Somebody”. Then, following the literal turning point with track number seven (“Turn”), E^ST leaves the low and brings the high. Her newfound optimism brings radio favourite “Talk Deep” and fellow flawless pop tune “No One With You”, a career high point.

On I’M DOING IT the South African-born, Central Coast-based artist shows off her restless appetite for variety and a penchant for making said variety feel cohesive. It’s any wonder her debut EP sparked a label bidding war.

Check out E^ST’s I’M DOING IT: