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CXLOE Serves Up Degustation of Dark Alt-Pop on Debut Album

‘Shiny New Thing’ feels lived in thanks to addictive choruses and memorable hooks


Whitney Otte

CXLOE has long been one of Australia’s most-watched music exports, reinventing herself at each turn without losing whatever it is that has kept us hooked since her debut in 2017.

On her first long-player it’s now clear just what this is – magic.

Shiny New Thing rides the maelstrom between an industry obsessed with reinvention and the need to remain authentic, tongue firmly in cheek.

CXLOE revels in the cognitive dissonance, serving up a degustation of dark alt-pop in a collection that feels lived in thanks to the addictive choruses (“Flight Risk”), memorable hooks (“Cheating on Myself”), and standout production (“Stretch”) of early singles.

The message is clear by the third track (“Shapeshifter”), but it’s the title track that stands out among an album of standouts, toying: “I’m begging you please, I’ll do things I don’t mean, to be your shiny new thing.”

Stream: CXLOE, Shiny New Thing

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