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Client Liaison Unleash Pure Joy With ‘Divine Intervention’

Their long-awaited second album, ‘Divine Intervention’ is everything you want from a Client Liaison record, and so much more.


There’s something about Client Liaison’s music which is unlike anything else out there today. Maybe it’s their visual aesthetic, maybe it’s their unique approach to their craft, or maybe it’s the way that every single one of their tracks is a verified party-starter? Whatever it is, it’s a recipe for success.

Having been around for well over a decade now, Client Liaison’s second album, Divine Intervention, arrives almost five years after their debut effort, Diplomatic Immunity. With their first record gaining massive acclaim and turning the pair – comprising Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller – into beloved names within the Aussie music industry.

But what’s taken so long for a new album to arrive? Didn’t its first single, “The Real Thing”, arrive back in August of 2019? Wasn’t the album supposed to be a few weeks earlier? Well, sure, but to listen to Divine Intervention, it’s clear that good things take time.

At 14 songs and just a touch over 50 minutes, Divine Intervention is a jam-packed affair which illustrates every facet of the Client Liaison experience. From slick instrumentation, to the carefree, iconic-pop stylings reminiscent of ’90s-era Michael Jackson, there’s barely a second that goes by in which you’re unable to feel the same energy, excitement, and pure, unadulterated enjoyment that both Morgan and Miller are producing the record with.

While it’s impossible to look past recent singles such as “Champagne Affection”, “Strictly Business”, or the infectious “Elevator Up”, the rest of the record truly feels like something akin to a ‘greatest hits’ package for Client Liaison.

Sure, some naysayers might write off their music as being a little cheesy, but when you’re having this much fun, does it really matter?

Client Liaison’s Divine Intervention is out now.