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BROODS Explore the Deeper Side of Heartbreak on ‘Space Island’

Their fourth full-length album, Space Island sees BROODS unveiling a moving high-concept album, and one of the year’s best breakup albums.


BROODS’ fourth full-length, Space Island, exposes a deeper and more complex side of the New Zealand brother-sister duo, unveiling a moving high-concept album.

Ten thought-provoking tracks are unified by the theme of heartbreak, as they traverse the all-encompassing waves of grief and take us along for the emotion-driven ride. While lyrically relatable as one processes a breakup (“Tryna get away from my mind / Tryna get used to my life”), the album is rhythmically diverse (from moody “Goodbye To The World I Know”, to delicate “Like a Woman” and “Gaslight”, to upbeat indie-pop dance tracks “Piece Of My Mind” and “Keep”).

Undeniably, Space Island is cosmically influenced, embellished with flickerings of space-like synth sounds throughout. Taking you into a realm of fantasy, as though being in space allows you to express and heal in a way that isn’t quite possible on Earth, Space Island is the breakup album of 2022. 

BROODS’ Space Island is out now via Island Records Aus/UMA.

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