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Barney McAll Is at His World-Class Best on ‘Precious Energy’

Given his long list of accolades, it makes sense that a new record from Barney McAll would be worth your time, but Precious Energy exceeds expectations.


Considering his exhaustive discography and list of accolades, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that any new release from Barney McAll is going to be one that is worth your time. And with Precious Energy, he’s once again proven his worth as a world-class professional.

A record that spans genres, continents, and eras, and recorded with members of Hiatus Kaiyote, Laneous, Rita Satch, and Gary Bartz, Precious Energy pays homage to some of music’s iconic greats, all while McAll cements himself as a legend in his own right.

Barney McAll’s Precious Energy is out now.

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