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Trailers of the Week: ‘Fantasy Island,’ ‘F9,’ ‘The Plot Against America,’ and More

From fantasies gone wrong to Nazis infiltrating the American government – your week in movie trailers

Austin Stowell, Michael Peña and Lucy Hale in Columbia Pictures' BLUMHOUSE'S FANTASY ISLAND.

Christopher Moss/Columbia Pictures


Better Call Saul, Season Five

The Breaking Bad prequel series is back for another season, finding Jim McGill/Saul Goodman increasingly wrapped up in criminal activity. Though the clip is set to Jim Reeves’ mellow country song “Welcome To My World,” scenes showcase a much harsher reality filled with late-night visits from the police, street brawls and the return of ex-cartel leader Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis). The trailer also promises the return of DEA agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) and a kiss shared between Saul (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Rhea Seehorn).  (Feb. 23)


In the newest addition to The Fast and Furious saga, Dom Toretto (portrayed by Vin Diesel) faces an enemy from his past – his brother Jacob  (portrayed by John Cena). This is anything but a happy family reunion. The clip teases a scene in which Jacob is tempted with the mission to kill his older brother. Helen Mirren has joined the cast this time around and offers Dom a warning: “There’s nothing more powerful than love of family. You turn that into anger, there’s nothing more dangerous.” Based on the action-packed scenes of gunfire, hand-to-hand combat, and explosive car chases, it’s safe to say she’s right. (May 22)

Fantasy Island 

A group of lucky contestants, including Melanie (portrayed by Lucy Hale), are welcomed to a luxurious island where each guest gets to live out a fantasy tailored specifically for them. However, it’s not long before Melanie discovers the island’s mastermind, Mr. Roarke, has actually seduced them into a much more sinister scheme; when acting out a childhood revenge fantasy against a former bully, Melanie is horrified to realize that she’s inflicting real torture on the woman, but stopping the twisted game is out of her control. Mr. Roarke is shown saying, “Once a fantasy begins, you must see it through.”  (Feb. 14)


A suburban barbeque may not be your first thought of where to track down an undercover Nazi, but in the new Amazon series’ trailer, that’s exactly where one turns up. The backyard fun comes to a halt when a woman screams out in fear that host Bliff Simpson (Dylan Baker) is actually a Nazi. The scene then jumps to Al Pacino, leader of a misfit group of Nazi hunters, giving a warning: “They are among us. They are communicating. They have plans to attack.”  Set to an eerie cover of Neil Diamond’s “America,” clips tease the threat of Nazi infiltration, giving the song a whole new – and disturbing – meaning.  (Feb. 21)


My Brilliant Friend, Season Two

Based on the second novel in Elena Ferrante’s best-selling series, season two of the Italian drama traces Lila and Lenu’s friendship as it evolves throughout adulthood. The new clip reveals Lila (portrayed by Gaia Girace) remains unhappily married to Stefano Carracci (Giovanni Amur) as she hides her battered black eye under a pair of sunglasses. Elena (portrayed by Margherita Mazzucco) must navigate her own uncertainties in the world of academia. A final scene shows the two friends reunited on a holiday as subtitles read, “Today, tomorrow, every day… I need to know you’re there.”   (Mar. 16)

The Plot Against America

The upcoming HBO series based on Philip Roth’s alternate-history novel reimagines a world in which Franklin D. Roosevelt is defeated by the famous pilot (and known anti-Semite) Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh’s election victory opens the floodgate for Nazism and fascism, which we see through the lens of the Levin family, a Jewish family living in 1940s Newark, New Jersey.  The trailer gives harrowing glimpses into the growing hostility as the Levinses scrub graffiti from headstones, witness men laying shot in the streets, and are faced with a robed Ku Klux Klan member. (Mar. 16)

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run

Super Bowl commercials are expensive, even in Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krab warns SpongeBob that he only has twenty-six seconds to list everything in the upcoming film. Some of the list’s highlights: Fast cars, Snoop Dogg, a wise sage aka Keanu Reeves, and churros. The one thing it lacks? SpongeBob’s beloved pet snail, Gary. SpongeBob and Patrick embark on a quest to the lost city of Atlantic City in search of the missing snail. (May 21)