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Trailers of the Week: ‘Hollywood,’ ‘Love Life,’ ‘White Lines,’ and More

From the Golden Age of Hollywood to the shores of Ibiza – your week in movie trailers


Saeed Adyani/NETFLIX

Dead To Me, Season Two

The new season picks back up as Jen (portrayed by Christina Applegate) and Judy (portrayed by Linda Cardellini) attempt to cover up a murder – and practice better self-love in the process. With going to the police out of the question, the two women hilariously try to hide the body and shake the FBI. “All I can think about is movies that involve woodchippers or dissolving a body in a bathtub,” Jen says in a panic. Woodchippers aside, Jen and Judy need a plan, and as the season’s tagline says, they’ll “Ride or die, no matter the lie.” (May 8)

The Great

The satirical Stan series’ latest trailer reveals more about its murderous plots in between laughs. Catherine (portrayed by Elle Fanning) is increasingly fed up with her selfish husband (portrayed by Nicholas Hoult) as she learns that being the Emperor’s wife means standing by silently. “No, you don’t talk my love,” he tells her in the clip’s opening scene. The Emperor may not be the brightest, but he still catches on to his wife’s dissatisfaction – enough so to contemplate killing her. Her offense? “She is a strange creature who I sense is at times laughing at me.” However, Catherine has a plan of her own – and the brainpower to see it through. (May 15)


Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan’s new Netflix series bring’s the Golden Age of Hollywood back to life. Though this time around, there are re-writes to the story. The series imagines a world in which the post-World War II movie business makes more room at the table for people of marginalized groups. However, its visions of a fairer system don’t come without a look into the true-to-life biases that people of color, women and LBGTQ community members faced during the time period. The clip teases an emotional moment between Queen Latifah’s character and a young actress. “It ain’t about whether you win or lose,” she tells her. “What’s important is being in the room.” (May 1)

Love Life

Dating in New York is hard. Especially when your name sounds like Furby. Anna Kendrick stars as Darby, a woman putting herself through dates with “losers on match.com” in hopes of finding love, even though – as a friend tells her – “This isn’t Jane Austin times.” Darby may not need a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to be the kind of woman who goes after who she wants with far fewer embarrassments involved. One thing she doesn’t have to search for is girlfriends to keep her grounded. Another tells her, “You should be loved for the little derp-da-derp that ya are.”  (May 27)

A Secret Love 

Terry and Pat have been a couple for sixty-five years. Only, it wasn’t until three years ago that everyone else in their lives knew this. A new Netflix documentary tells the two women’s stories. By weaving old pictures and home videos together with present-day footage, what once was a secret life is now a public testimony to being true to one’s love and difference.  A voiceover says, “They had the courage to do something so different in a time when difference was not looked on as something good.” (April 29)

White Lines

Boats, drugs, parties in Ibiza – What could go wrong? A lot, judging by the new Netflix series’ trailer. Zoe (portrayed by Laura Haddock) sets out to find the truth about how her brother, a famous DJ, disappeared many years prior. What she finds is an undercurrent of great violence beneath the extravagant party scene. “When you find out the truth,” she says, “it just leaves you cold.”  (May 15)