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‘Space Jam 2,’ ‘Diana: The Musical’ the Big Winners at 2022 Razzie Awards

Jared Leto and LeBron James also honoured with acting awards at annual celebration of Hollywood’s worst

LeBron James and Bugs Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture

Update 31/3: The organizers of the Razzies announced Thursday that they have rescinded Bruce Willis’ “Worst Performance” Award following news of the actor’s aphasia diagnosis . Willis previously had his own category at the 2022 Golden Raspberry Awards due to his many small roles in a string of straight-to-video action movies in 2021.

“After much thought and consideration, the Razzies have made the decision to rescind the Razzie Award given to Bruce Willis, due to his recently disclosed diagnosis,” the co-founders of the Razzies said in a statement (via The Hollywood Reporter). “If someone’s medical condition is a factor in their decision making and/or their performance, we acknowledge that it is not appropriate to give them a Razzie.”

Willis’ family announced Wednesday that he would step away from acting following his recent diagnosis of the neurodegenerative disease aphasia; the Razzie Awards added on Twitter that they learned of Willis’ condition the same day as the family’s announcement. Earlier today, reports emerged about Willis’ struggles on recent film shoots, requiring an earpiece to communicate dialogue and firing a prop gun before his cue.


Ahead of Sunday’s Oscars ceremony, Diana: The Musical, Space Jam: A New Legacy and Jared Leto were among the winners at the 42nd annual Golden Raspberry Awards, the annual celebration of Hollywood’s worst.

The Netflix-released version of the Broadway show Diana was the recipient of the most Razzies, scoring five “$4.97 trophies” for Worst Actress (Jeanna de Waal), Wort Supporting Actress (Judy Kaye), Worst Screenplay, Worst Director (Christopher Ashley) and the evening’s most prestigious award, Worst Picture.

LeBron James, who headlined Space Jam: A New Legacy, was accordingly given Worst Actor for what was his first big screen starring role. The reboot of the Michael Jordan/Looney Tunes classic itself also won Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel, as well as Worst Screen Couple for any combination of James and a Warner cartoon character/product placement.

Academy Award winner Jared Leto earned Worst Supporting Actor for his odd turn in House of Gucci, while Bruce Willis — who has quietly appeared in approximately 10 straight-to-VOD movies annually the past few years — was honored with his own category, Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie.

Four-time Razzie winner Will Smith was given the Golden Raspberry Awards’ lone non-disparaging prize, with Smith earning the Redeemer Award after landing an actual Oscar nod for his role in King RIchard; Nicolas Cage and Jamie Dornan were also considered for the quasi-honor.

See all the lucky winners below:

Diana the Musical (The Netflix Version)

LeBron James / Space Jam: A New Legacy

Jeanna de Waal / Diana the Musical

Judy Kaye (As BOTH Queen Elizabeth & Barbara Cartland)/ Diana the Musical

Jared Leto / House of Gucci

WORST PERFORMANCE by BRUCE WILLIS in a 2021 MOVIE (Special Category)
Bruce Willis / Cosmic Sin 

LeBron James & Any Warner Cartoon Character (or Time-Warner Product) He Dribbles on / Space Jam: A New Legacy 

Space Jam: A New Legacy 

Christopher Ashley / Diana the Musical

Diana the Musical / Script by Joe DiPietro, Music and Lyrics by DiPietro and David Bryan

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