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Matthew Modine Plays College Admission Scandal Mastermind in ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ Trailer

Film pairs narrative reenactments of wiretapped phone calls with traditional documentary elements

Netflix has released a new trailer for its film on the 2019 college admission scandal, Operation Varsity Blues, set to premiere March 17th.

The film is primarily centered around narrative reenactments of the FBI’s wiretapped phone calls between Rick Singer, the scheme’s mastermind, and the wealthy parents who were willing to do whatever it took to get their kids into elite colleges. Matthew Modine stars as Singer, and the new trailer finds him peddling his “side door” admission tactics, which included everything from fudging SAT and ACT exam results to completely making up athletic accomplishments.

While the reenactments will be at the heart of Operation Varsity Blues, the movie will also feature more traditional documentary elements. The trailer teases an array of interviews with people who delve into the intricacies of Singer’s scheme, as well as its cultural significance. “In America, we love the wealthy and we hate the wealthy,” says one interviewee. “They disgust us and they fascinate us.”

Operation Varsity Blues was directed by Chris Smith and Jon Karmen, who also helmed the Netflix documentary on the Fyre Festival.

From Rolling Stone US