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Millie Bobby Brown Is Sherlock Holmes’ Teen Sister in ‘Enola Holmes’ Trailer

Netflix film was directed by Fleabag’s Harry Bradbeer

Millie Bobby Brown stars as Sherlock Holmes’ “Wild Child” sister in Enola Holmes, out September 23rd on Netflix.

Directed by Fleabag‘s Harry Bradbeer, the trailer features Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” as Brown’s character Enola explains that her last name is “alone” spelled backwards. After her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) mysteriously disappears, Enola recruits her famous brother, Sherlock, to help solve the case. She arrives at a train station to meet Sherlock and their other sibling, Mycroft, who is flabbergasted she’s not wearing a hat or gloves. “We will make her acceptable for society,” he announces.

Enola takes matters into her own hands and disappears from her siblings. “If I have to stay hidden from my brothers, I must become something unexpected,” she says. “A lady.” She embarks on an adventure to find her mother, accompanied by a “useless boy” (Louis Partridge). “Unlike most well-bred ladies, I was never taught to embroider,” she says, punching a man. “I was taught to watch and listen. I was taught to fight.”

Next year, Brown will star in Godzilla vs. Kong, originally scheduled to hit theaters this fall but delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. A Season 4 release date for Stranger Things has yet to be announced, but the teaser released earlier this year confirmed that David Harbour’s character Hopper is alive and well.

From Rolling Stone US